USA Swimming Required Policies/Procedures

USA Swimming: Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policy

  • Included Policies
    • ​Locker Room Policy
    • One-On-One Interactions (between "Applicable Adults & Minor Athletes)
    • Team Travel
    • Social Media & Electronic Communication
    • Massage, Rubdowns, and Athletic Training Modalities

​USA Swimming Athlete Protection Training

  • Required annually for all Coaches, Officials, & Adult Athletes (18 and older)
    • ​Adult Athletes failing to take the APT will have performance results invalidated by USA Swimming.
    • FAQ's for Adult Athletes regarding the APT requirement
      • ​Athletes 18 & Older that have not completed the required APT training will have any future results invalidated by USA Swimming, automatically.
  • See our Safe Sport page for more information

USA Swimming Code of Conduct

USA Swimming-Mandatory Reporting Rule


Team Policies

YMCA Code of Conduct

YNWL Action Plan to Address Bullying

YNWL Team Travel Policy

YNWL Team Photography Policy

Swim Team Fees & Withdraw/Cancelation Policy (and Form)

YMCA Thunder/Lightning Policy for Outdoor Activities


Louisiana - State Required Information

Louisiana Youth Concussion Act

Concussion Information Sheet- Must be digitally "signed" and agreed to during the online team registration


New Swim-Parent FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions (Especially helpful for New Parents)