Volunteer Policy/Requirement (CLICK)


USA Swimming Required Policies/Procedures

USA Swimming: Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policy

  • Included Policies
    • ​Locker Room Policy
    • One-On-One Interactions (between "Applicable Adults & Minor Athletes)
    • Team Travel
    • Social Media & Electronic Communication
    • Massage, Rubdowns, and Athletic Training Modalities

​USA Swimming Athlete Protection Training

  • Required annually for all Coaches, Officials, & Adult Athletes (18 and older)
    • ​Adult Athletes failing to take the APT will have performance results invalidated by USA Swimming.
    • FAQ's for Adult Athletes regarding the APT requirement
      • ​Athletes 18 & Older that have not completed the required APT training will have any future results invalidated by USA Swimming, automatically.

USA Swimming Code of Conduct

USA Swimming-Mandatory Reporting Rule


Team Policies

YMCA Code of Conduct

YNWLA Action Plan to Address Bullying

YNWLA Team Travel Policy

YNWLA Team Photography Policy

Swim Team Fees & Withdraw/Cancelation Policy (and Form)

YMCA Thunder/Lightning Policy for Outdoor Activities


Louisiana - State Required Information

Louisiana Youth Concussion Act

Concussion Information Sheet- Must be digitally "signed" and agreed to during the online team registration


USA Swimming Athlete Protection Training for Parents

Free Online Training (click)


Team Procedures and Tips

Frequently Asked Questions (Especially helpful for New Parents)

How To Signup for a Swim Meet


How do I sign up to volunteer at meets?

How to Signup to Volunteer at a Swim Meet (CLICK)

Sign into the website, click on the Events Tab, then click on the job signup button next to each meet. (the jobs will be posted as they are made available).

Check out the available positions and find the best one for you.  Click that job, enter in the contact info for the person in your family that is working (name and phone number), then click the signup button at the bottom.  Done! Be sure to make note of your signup by putting it in your calendar.

Will there be reminders sent out to the families?  YES!  All of the meets will have reminders set up, and will hit both your email and your text.  Be sure that your account information is up to date, and that you have gone thru the steps to verify both your email address AND your cell phone number.

What if I need to change my signup?  It’s super easy. Follow the directions above. Then when you get to the signup page, click the job you signed up for, and click remove signup. Then choose your next job and follow the directions above.

What if I can’t fulfill my job?  Great question. What you DO NOT want to do is be a no show.  If you cannot fulfill your slot please remove your name from the job signup page so that someone else can fill your roll instead. OR, send someone in your place.   If it is day of the meet, you will want to contact your swimmer's coach and let them know your swimmer will not be attending the meet, AND you will not be able to work your required volunteer commitment.

How do I know what time to arrive?  The estimated time of your job is listed in the same spot where you signup for the job. Know what time you need to arrive for your shift, and please be prompt. Your swimmer’s team is counting on YOU!

Now that I’ve worked my shift, how do I see my accumulated hours? Log in to the website, click on My account, then invoices and payments then click on service hours to see your current total hours.

Why am I not seeing my hours posted?

Here is a list of reasons why sometimes families don’t get their allotted credit:

They signed up online but did not show

They did not sign up online but worked anyway.

They did not sign up but got pulled from the stands to time.