SwimVille USA & Speedo        

Speedo: YNWL has a signed sponsorship contract with Speedo. Through this agreement our team members receive a 25% discount on equipment, swimwear, and team apparel, discounted and free items for National Team Qualifiers, and other program benefits. Swimmers are required to use Speedo brand products at all times when representing the YMCA of Northwest Louisiana (practice and meets). This includes Championship Racing Suits (Team Colors ONLY-Black, Grey, Orange, White)!!
-Required: suits, caps, equipment (see required
equipment lists on the 'Groups/Schedules' tab)
           -Optional: backpacks, warmups, parkas etc.

NOTE: The 'Jolyn' brand is not owned by Speedo. Therefore it 'Jolyn' is not an acceptable brand of swimwear for team activities

SwimVille USA is the official Team Vendor for YNWL. Through SwimVille, swimmers and families can order all official YNWL suits, bags, warm-ups, and more. Items can be purchased/ordered by phone from their Fort Thomas, KY location or online through our team specific link. Please click the link below to read the introduction letter & instructions.

Online Order Link & SwimVille USA Intro Letter

Ft. Thomas Plaza
90 Alexandria Pike
Ft. Thomas, KY  41075

Store Hours
Monday-Friday: 10am-6pm
Saturday: 10am-5pm
Sunday: CLOSED


Team Apparel Guidelines:

All swimmers competing for the YNWL Swim Team must purchase a Speedo Team Suit (plain BLACK Speedo Brand - embroidery is optional) and agree to wear a team cap (right side out) in all warm-up sessions and meet competitions. Team suits are to be worn in all competitions by all swimmers. A Speedo “tech” suit may be substituted at a team championship meet. Team caps are to be worn in all meet warm-up sessions and team competitions. The cost personalized team caps (to be ordered in the Fall) are additional costs to the registration fees.

A team Spirit Shirt will be distributed in the fall at no additional cost. Swimmers are encouraged to wear these at Meet Sessions. Parkas, Team Sweat Suits, Team Backpacks and additional team shirts are available but not required.

Practice Suits and Equipment

  • All swimmers should make every effort to be in Speedo Brand suits and equipment at all practices, meets, and team events.
  • Ladies: For those that like the Jolyn style suits, check out the Speedo 'One Back' suits and suits with 'TURNZ' in the description.
  • On our online Team Portal with SwimVille USA there is also a 'grab bag' line items that offers discounted suits for males and females.

Championship/Tech Suits

Per USA Swimming Rules, "Tech" Suits are not permitted to be used by 12&Under athletes. Any non-practice (lycra or endurance model) suit that does not have a Green Checkmark (signifying approval by USA Swimming) on it will be considered an illegal suit and may result in a swimmer being disqualified. Click HERE for a quick list of which Speedo Tech suits are approved for 13 & Over and 12 & Unders.

These suits are only permitted at Championships and Championship format meets as designated by the coaching staff and must be Speedo brand products. ‘Championship Suits’ are not to be worn at in-season competitions unless specifically designated by the coaching staff ahead of time.

Meet Apparel Guidelines
        Swimmers should be in ‘YNWL’ apparel at all times at competitions. When not in the water warming up or racing: t-shirts, shorts, pants, jackets, etc should be worn to stay warm. Adequate body temperature is essential in assuring the body is properly prepared for competition. Wet towels are not sufficient for keeping the body warm.
        Apparel advertising or containing logos of other organizations and/or teams is not permitted during team events.

YNWL Official Team Apparel

Embroidery/Screening is optional on all items

Speedo 'Team' Warmup Jacket – Black/Grey combo

  • Comes in Women’s, Men’s and Youth Sizes

Speedo 'Team' Warmup Pants – Black

  • Comes in Women’s, Men’s, and Youth Sizes

Speedo Teamster Backpack

  • 35L in Black or Da-Glo Orange

Speedo Color Block Parka in Black or Orange (it’s mostly Gray with Black or Orange lining)

Team Suit

  • In-Season: Speedo Endurance Poly – in Black
  • Championships: Any SPEEDO Tech suit in black or Team Colors only (black, orange, white, grey/silver)