USA Swimming Officials

  • Volunteer Credit: Officials will receive 1.25hr credit per 1hr worked
  • Beginning 2022-2023: officials will receive their "USA SWIMMING" officials' name tag and a BOLTS Meet Official Polo (at no charge) - orders to be placed in early October

YNWL Contacts for questions & inquiries:
Sabina Drozdz - Referee & YNWL Swim Parent
Lukasz Drozdz - Referee & YNWL Swim Parent
John Janszen - Referee, Admin Official, Head Coach

Louisiana Swimming Officials' Standards: click HERE for full document

How to Become an Official (it's easier than you think - just takes some of your time)

  • Officials Registration - Officials must register themselves with USA Swimming using the same YNWL Team Link - instructions ​available under the 'Information' tab while logged in to our team website
    • Registration Fees will be reimbursed by the team
      • Submit receipt to Coach John and let him know if you would like a reimbursement check or a credit towards your swimmer's Team Fees
    • Once Registered and Logged into your USA Swimming Account
      • ​Initiate the Background Check
        • ​EDUCATION, Course Catalog, All Courses - Background Check
      • Complete the Athlete Protection Training
        • ​EDUCATION, MY Courses (not all courses)
          • ​You take the 'CORE' course initially, then Refresher 1, 2, 3 each of the next years
      • Complete one of the Concussion Protocal Trainings (and send completion certificate to Coach​ John for submission to LA Swimming)
        • EDUCATION, Course Catalog, then choose NFHS or CDC (just one, your choice)
      • Complete the appropriate Officials Training/Test (see details below)
  • Background Check Reimbursement Form - from Louisiana Swimming
    • ​Complete and submit to Louisiana Swimming for cost reimbursement for the Background Check
      • ​Currently NOT available in your USA account but in Google Docs on USA's website


Link to the Louisiana Swimming, Inc. OFFICIALS


​Types of Officials

  • Administrative Official: runs the Meet Computer and ensures times from the timing system are accurate. Handles Deck Entries, Scratches, and other Meet Database management tasks
    • ​No pre-requisite to become certified
  • Stroke & Turn: The ones walking the deck and/or standing behind the blocks watching strokes, turns, & starts
    • ​No pre-requisite to become certified
  • ​Starter: The one saying "take you mark...then sounding the horn"
    • ​Pre-requisite - certified Stroke & Turn for 1 year
  • ​Meet Referee: Lead Official for the Session or Meet
    • ​Pre-requisite - certified Starter for 1 year

What's In It For Me?

  1. Extra Credit towards your family Volunteer Requirement
  2. Free Food at meets
  3. Free Team Officials Polo
  4. Setting a great example for the swimmers and all of the Swim Community by taking an important and critical role in the sport
  5. Being part of a critical element of the program & Louisiana Swimming to help run the best run events in the surrounding area and beyond
  6. A front row seat at State & other meets (should you choose to assist) where spectators and athletes are separated per USA Center for Safe Sport rules

Dispelling Myths as to why you can not become an official...

  1. But I never swam competitively...
    1. ​No problem. Many, if not most, officials never swam competitively
  2. ​But I don't know the rules...
    1. ​No problem, the certification process is designed to teach the rules
  3. ​Officials HAVE to work many sessions...
    1. ​No...officials, like other volunteer positions, volunteer when they're available and willing​​