USA Swimming Officials

Volunteer Credit: Officials will receive 1.25hr credit per 1hr worked

Link to the Louisiana Swimming, Inc. OFFICIALS

How to Become an Official (it's easier than you think)

  • Officials Registration Form (click)
    • Complete and return to Coach John or Tyler for submission
    • No check is required, the team pays the registration fee
  • Click HERE to view a printable document and view direct links to required components 
    • ​Turn in any receipt to Coach John or Tyler for reimbursement, except the background check.
  • Background Check Reimbursement Form - from Louisiana Swimming
    • ​Complete and submit to Louisiana Swimming for cost reimbursement for the Background Check

​Types of Officials

  • Stroke & Turn: The ones walking the deck and/or standing behind the blocks watching strokes, turns, & starts
    • ​No pre-requisite to become certified
  • ​Starter: The one saying "take you mark...then sounding the horn"
    • ​Pre-requisite - certified Stroke & Turn for 1 year
  • ​Meet Referee: Lead Official for the Session or Meet
    • ​Pre-requisite - certified Meet Referee for 1 year
  • ​Administrative Official: runs the Meet Computer and ensures times from the timing system are accurate. Handles Deck Entries, Scratches, and other Meet Database management tasks.
    • ​No pre-requisite to become certified

Dispelling Myths as to why you can not become an official...

  1. But I never swam competitively...
    1. ​No problem. Many, if not most, officials never swam competitively
  2. ​But I don't know the rules...
    1. ​No problem, we help you learn the rules
  3. ​Officials HAVE to work many sessions...
    1. ​No...officials, like other volunteer positions, volunteer when they're available
      1. BUT there are always Officials spots open...for those that keep getting closed out of timing, this is your opportunity​​