Program FAQ


Coaches will assign swim events including relays; parents can request a special event, best method is via email to coach at [email protected]

No electronics will be allowed on deck during dual meets (when going to an invitational please check with the coach)

From the Polar Bears archives, with special thanks to Kyneret Albert:


  • Commit your swimmers to meets using the event's "Edit Commitment" button before the posted deadline.  It is difficult for the coaches to plan out which events and relays the kids are racing.

  • In the rare event that your child is sick the day of the meet and can’t attend please contact a coach ASAP as entries will need to be rearranged – especially the relays your swimmer has been entered into. 

Race Day:

  • Because of the need to register swimmers into the computer system which tracks race results, swimmers must arrive at the meet in time for warm-up, even if their first event isn’t for a long time.  If a child is late, they run the risk of being unable to participate in the race.  If there are extenuating circumstances be sure to talk with a coach ahead of time.

  • Many races are very large, and the kids wait for their event in a gym or other room, not in the pool area.  These rooms are usually big empty spaces, so pack warm clothes for your child, a couple of towels, flip-flops to walk back and forth to the pool with, a blanket to put on the ground, a folding chair or two, books, games, snacks, drinks, etc. – supplies to claim a bit of floor space, and the items you need to have yourself and your child comfortable for a few hours.  Host teams generally sell food, so you won’t go hungry even if you don’t pack a lot.  While there, keep your ears open as someone will be announcing which kids should be ready to head to the pool in plenty of time for his/her event.  Don't worry -- there are several checks and balances to be sure your child doesn't miss his/her event -- but helping your child by listening up is a good idea.

  • Even if your child is done with his/her events before the end of the meet, it is polite to stay until the end of the meet to cheer on the other swimmers.  Often the last events are run with a thin crowd, and it is nice for those last swimmers to feel supported.  There are always special circumstances that can arise, but in general, if you can, staying makes those last swimmers feel the team is behind them.

Post Race:

  • There are by and large no ceremonies at the end.  Ribbons for those who placed will be put in swimmers folders that are located on the observation deck of our YMCA on the shallow side.

Home Meets:

  • When we host a meet, there is A LOT that goes into prepping the pool, feeding the masses, organizing timers, etc.  Please keep your ears open so you can help out to the best of your ability.  It takes the entire team to make these events run smoothly and your help is both needed and appreciated!