Swimmer Expectations

1. Follow all rules: pool rules, swim team rules, and building rules. The lifeguards and other YMCA staff will enforce these.

2. Respect the coaches, your fellow teammates and parents.

3. Be at practice on time. Plan car pools so swimmers arrive at the designated time.

4. Attendance: swimmers are encouraged to attend all their scheduled practices each week. This is one of the best ways to progress in your skill and endurance.

5. Be prepared. Bring your own goggles, caps, towels and a good attitude!

6. Stay at practice and in the water until it is time to go or until you are otherwise dismissed.

7. Swim whatever workout is posted with an enthusiastic attitude.

8. Sign up for meet events by the due date on the meet schedule.

9. Be courteous when coaches are helping other swimmers – your turn will come.

10. Put forth your best effort during practice and at meets.

11. Each swimmer should congratulate other swimmers and those from other teams. Swimmers should stay in the water until everyone in that heat is finished. Remember that everyone is a winner if they put forth their best effort.

Team Rules

1. The lifeguard on duty has full authority over the pool.

2. Swearing and foul language are not acceptable.

3. Please do not hang on lane lines.

4. Absolutely no stopping in the middle of the pool unless the set calls for it. Again, this interferes with your teammates’ workouts.

5. Swimmers will conduct themselves appropriately in the locker rooms as well as everywhere else in the building. Horseplay will not be tolerated anywhere.

6. No interfering with another swimmer’s workout. We want everyone to excel.

7. Use the rest room before and after practice – not during practice.

8. Show respect for fellow swimmers. Don’t make fun of, or pick on, each other.

9. Pay attention and give your full cooperation when the coaches ask the swimmers to be quiet and listen.

10. Swim the posted workout.

11. If you do not follow team guidelines, the coaches reserve the right to ask you to leave, do pushups/sit-ups, sit out and/or take away meet privileges.

12. Swimmers may not use the Sauna during practice times unless they have the coaches permission (Swimmers under 15 not permitted at any time)

13. If a swimmer is acting inappropriately, the coaches reserve the right to ask you to leave practice for the day.

14. If swimmers would like to socialize, please come early or stay late – during practice is not an appropriate time.

15. Coaches have the right to remove any swimmer or family from the team at any point during the season for behavior that is deemed inappropriate and/or harmful to the team or individuals on the team