What to Bring to Practice

  • Practice suit(s). It is suggested that you have at least 2 practice suits that are not the team competition suit, but not required.
  • Girls need to wear a one-piece swim suit
  • Boys are recommended to wear tight swim shorts (referred to as jammers).  At the very least, a boy’s swim shorts should be tight enough so that they do not need to reach down and pull up their shorts after pushing off the wall.
  • Swim Cap
  • Once all paperwork is turned in, athletes will receive a Tidalwaves swim cap.
  • Pair of goggles
  • Water in a plastic bottle with the swimmers name on it. Water bottles are so important to have on deck!  We consider them just as mandatory as bringing a swimsuit to practice.


What to Take to a Meet

  • Team Swim Suit, Team Cap and Goggles. Extras of each are advised.
  • Baby or Talcum Powder. (Used to dust the inside of the cap.  It helps to preserve the cap & makes it easier to put on.)
  • Towels. (Pack at least 2)
  • Something to sit on.  (sleeping bag, old blanket or chair)
  • Sweat suits.
  • Something for the feet.  Keeping warm is very important in between events.  Warm socks, deck type shoes or sandals are a good idea.
  • T-shirts or parka. The larger the better. 2-3 shirts recommended, as they get wet and soggy.
  • Games: Travel Games, cards, etc.
  • Food: A small cooler filled with wholesome snacks. (Granola Bars, cereal, Fruit, Fruit Snacks etc.)