Billings Family YMCA Seahawks

Billings Family YMCA Seahawks Coaches instruct and train all levels of swimmer with emphasis on individual progress, team unity, and family participation.


The Seahawks currently have 2 training groups:


Silver Group:         For ages 5-14.

                   Practices M-F 3:45-4:45

                   Dues: $ 72 per month.  *$30 annual registration fee applies (one per family)


Blue Group: For ages 12-19+

                   Practices M-F 4:45-6:15

                   Dues: $84 per month *$30 annual registration fee applies (one per family)


An evaluation is required prior to training group assignment.  All members of the Billings Family YMCA Seahawks must be registered members of USA Swimming.


A note on training group assignments: 

Many factors go into the decision making process which determines an athlete’s training group.  These factors include age, ability, technical prowess, physical capacity, endurance, physical and emotional maturity, social and emotional needs, and more.  While there are many objective measures, in the end training group assignments include a lot of subjectivity.


One of the worst mistakes a coach can make is to move a swimmer up too quickly and have the athlete perceive failure.  Traditionally, we strive to keep training groups together for a season.  We will evaluate individual changes case by case.