The RANY Swim Team is a successful competitive team with a family atmosphere.  RANY is the family you choose! Our mission is to provide a comprehensive training program for all ages and encourage our swimmers to achieve their potential.  As with all YMCA programs, our objectives are to promote Youth Development, Healthy Living, and Social Responsibility.

SWIMMER FOCUSED - the coaching staff chose to coach at RANY because they love the sport and helping swimmers reach their goals.  We focus on each swimmer’s individual improvements on various skills and not just on winning or their final time.  Our coaching staff takes the time to meet with each swimmer to get to know them and to create a plan to help them achieve their goals.  Swimmers will be taught how to appreciate their success and also deal with their disappointments.   

WE ARE A TEAM - fostering a family environment goes hand in hand with FAST and HAPPY swimmers.  We take pride in our family enviornment and work together to promote this important component of our team.  

LONG-TERM DEVELOPMENT - our program allows proper and appropriate development in this sport for future success in the sport.  FAST swimming at a young age is FUN, but we will not sacrifice health and future success for the now.  We learn and succeed more from the process than instant gratification.