Meet Fees Billing Process:
 Now that we know that we are back to attending in person meets we have activated the Team Unify Website billing system. This is used by most teams with Team Unify so we hope this will be easier than using the YMCA’s membership system. As we navigate this new process we ask for patience, teamwork, and communication.
To set up your families account for Meet Fees Billing:
#1- Log into your account (Team Unify). We recommend using a computer.
#2- Go to My Account. Under Billing, please click on Set Up Auto Pay. This will bring you to Payment Set Up.
#3- Click Add New Card. You must attach a payment. We will not accept cash or checks for this process.
#4- Fill in your billing info and click save.
• This will set your account up payment info for automatic billing.
• We will bill families the 1st of the month for all associated meet fees for the previous month. Example: on December 1st you will be billed for November meets.
• Not all meets on the schedule have meet fees. Most invitations and Championship meets will have fees. If you have any question about how much the meet fees are for a meet please see the Meet Info page or ask Coach Matt.
• A $10 late fee will be applied to your account by the 21st of the given month if an account remains unpaid.
• The system will send you an email if your card fails.
• You can change your card in the system by following these directions if you need to change the card.
• You will be able to see invoices for the meet fees for your swimmers.