Supporting RANY

RANY is a YMCA run swim team, but we are also a family organization - when your swimmer joined RANY, so did you! Parent volunteers are what keeps our team running smoothly.
Parent volunteers serve on the board, run committees, work at swim meets, help fundraise, and get their swimmers to practice on time. You are needed to keep our team healthy and functioning in an orderly, positive way.
As a part of RANY you have the following obligations:
1.  Stay informed! Visit our website frequently and check your email daily! All important information is posted and emailed! It is important that we have an accurate email(s) for your family!
2.  Volunteer at meets. At RANY, ALL FAMILIES are expected to volunteer throughout the season. Unlike many other organized sports, swimming cannot exists for the kids without volunteers. 

For each meet there will be volunteer opportunities.  Click the Job Signup button and select the position you want. 

As we are a very active team and swimming is a volunteer intensive sport. We are counting on you to share in the responsibilities that are required to run swim meets. We look forward to this opportunity to get to know you better and will gladly train you (or have you shadow an experienced volunteer) so that you will feel comfortable with any job that you perform. As each dual meet requires between 8 and 20 RANY volunteers (depending on location and facility) it is expected that each swimmer`s parent volunteer will work half of the dual meets.
Anyone who does not select meets to work will be assigned. If you are not able to work a specific meet, you are responsible to find a replacement so that your duties are fulfilled at the meet.
3.  Attend scheduled parent meetings.
4.  Support your child’s coach and the team with a positive attitude. If there is a problem, please discuss it with the coach first, at an appropriate time. Please also contact Head Coach Mark.
Know and understand our philosophy.  Keep in mind that we are developing many different levels of swimmers and that we are also using a long-term approach to developing swimmers.  We want our swimmers to be the best they can be today and in the future!