The RANDOLPH YMCA Swim Team (RANY) offers training groups for swimmers of all ages and ability levels. It is the goal of the RANY Team to offer age specific training for all of our athletes geared towards challenging and developing each individual to the best of THEIR abilities.

Please email Head Coach Matt at [email protected] to schedule a tryout.


8&Under- This group is for our youngest swimmers, who have shown the ability to swim all four strokes, and can complete the length of the pool without taking breaks along the way.  This group’s primary focus will be to teach the skills necessary to become race ready.  Stroke development is our emphasis, not speed. 

Novice- This is primarily for our 9/10 age group swimmers. This group introduces a series of drills to teach the four strokes, in addition to creating a base of swimming endurance needed for continued development in the sport. The swimmers in this group are also introduced to racing skills such as starts, turns, and streamlines.  While fast swimming and learning is important, we want our young swimmers to have fun and build team spirit.

Junior Prep- This group is for swimmers who wish to continue to develop their technical skills while beginning to develop their training capacity.  A large portion of practice time is spent working on refining stroke mechanics however, learning how to train is also developed.  Swimmers will begin to focus on building their aerobic capacity and strengthening each of the competitive strokes. In Junior Prep, it is our priority that all swimmers develop into well rounded swimmers. 

Junior- This is our highest Junior training group.  The goal of this group is to continue to develop the technical skills necessary to swim fast.  These practices are more challenging to help swimmers improve their physical conditioning and achieve goal times. Swimmers in this group continue to emphasize drills, endurance, interval training and are expected to swim challenging events at meets before moving into the Senior training groups. 

Senior Prep- Our first senior training group is designed for swimmers who are committed to the team and swimming.  Swimmers will be pushed out of their comfort zone and continue to work on improving their stroke technique, strength, and conditioning.  Goal setting becomes a focus in this group as they work towards qualifying for high level YMCA and NJ Swimming championship meets.  Swimmers are expected to meet the expectations of training in a Senior Group. 

Senior- Our highest training groups are designed for swimmers who are committed to swimming in a high level year-round program.  Seniors require swimmers with the skills, motivation, and commitment to both the team and the high level of training.  Swimmers spend most of their practice time fine tuning technique, building endurance, and training towards a higher level. For Seniors our dryland program is essential for the swimmers to be able to meet their goals.  Swimmers will build strength, flexibility, and coordination that will complement what they do in the water.  The goals for the Seniors includes qualifying for YMCA and US Championship meets at the State and the National Level.   In order to be in and remain in Seniors you must be assigned by the Head Coach.

Additional Programs:

Pre- Team (Ages 10 and Under)

The Sharks coaches run the Pre-Team Program at the YMCA throughout the year.  The knowledgeable coaching staff focuses on drills and stroke technique that are necessary for competitive swimming and fitness.  Starts and turns will also be presented throughout the program, but the focus will be on stroke development.