The Senior I Group is for 15-Over swimmers generally at the YMCA National level. This is a maximum commitment, high achieving training group where swimming is a mainstay in their life.

Vacations and other activities are taken within the confines of the practice and meet schedule. Attending meets and practices are crucial, expected, and monitored to maintain the integrity of this culture. 

The focus of this group is to prepare athletes for national and international levels of competition while giving them the tools to be successful in collegiate swimming, if they choose to do so.

Admittance AND continuation in the group is by invitation only, based on coach considerations/decisions and will be based on, but not limited to, proven commitment, attendance, ability and work ethic, time management, high character standards, and willingness to adapt/adjust. This group focuses on each athletes needs to excel in the sport. Technique and dryland skills are an integral part of the program to help the athlete reach their potential.  

*This group practice up to nine times a week for 180 minutes.

*Note: practice times represent the highest number of opportunities per week and duration includes the time both in and out of the water (i.e. dryland).

Locations Offered

  • Oberlin Program Center (OPC)
  • Meadowmont