Purple: “Age group competitive” (practice at: Chapel Hill, Durham, Finley, Ingram, Kerr, NC State, Taylor)

This is a competitive training group designed for ages 10 - 12 to prepare swimmers for state and regional levels of competition.  The emphasis of the Purple group is on mastering the following skills necessary to be successful competitive swimmers: training etiquette, advanced stroke mechanics, race strategies, goal setting, proper nutrition, mental preparation, and the ability to handle increasing training workloads. Developing consistent and committed training habits is a priority in this group.

Swimmers will participate in a dryland program to help develop strength in their core, shoulders, legs, and overall body control and coordination. Acceptance into this group is based on specific site space and needs as determined by the YOTA Swim Team Site Director.

*This group practices up to five times per week for 90-105 minutes - depending on the site. 

*Note: practice times represent the highest number of opportunities per week. The duration (in minutes) is an average and can vary from site to site with regards to if it includes drylands.

Things to remember with the age group program:

  • Group moves are a coaching decision.
  • The staff has nothing to gain by retaining or moving your athlete to a group.
  • Each individual develops at a different rate. A child’s current group placement is not a determination of the long term success of your child.
  • Try not to compare your child with others at your site or another site.

Some factors associated with group movement:

Attendance, work ethic, attitude, training ability, and performance.

As well as: actual age, physical maturation and cognitive capacity.

Locations Offered

  • A.E. Finley YMCA
  • Cary YMCA
  • Chapel Hill YMCA
  • Downtown Durham YMCA
  • Kerr YMCA
  • NC State University