YOTA Senior Prep

Senior Prep: “growth opportunity” (practice at: Finley, Taylor, Kerr, Meadowmont)

The Senior prep group is for 13-Over swimmers that want to continue their progression in the team or are relatively new to the sport that are not ready to commit or possess the ability to swim in the Senior program. 

The goal is to provide them the opportunity to continue to develop at their pace while possibly balancing a myriad of other activities and commitments in their life.   Athletes are encouraged to attend all practices and meets available to them, however, there is no required commitment expectation. 

The focus of this group is primarily technique development along with an increase in volume and intensity at various points throughout the season. Eventually individuals may qualify for one of the senior groups based on inclination and ability.

Swimmers in the group may compete in any two qualified closed YMCA Association meets. Additional meets will require extra fees. 

This group practices up to four times per week for 90 minutes for eight week cycles.