The FM Gators Swim Team is a premier YMCA team that has been serving the Fargo, West Fargo and Moorhead communities for over 60 years. Swimmers of all ages are welcome to compete and participate at all levels. The Gators have five training groups for ages 5 & up to accommodate all levels of competitive swimmers. (Developmental, Age Group I & II and Senior). Practice schedules vary by season and level. Stroke Clinics and Special Events are also important parts of the FM Gators program. Our professional YMCA coaching staff provides high quality instruction for all ages and abilities to improve swimming and diving skills and achieve success at each athletes level of desire while having FUN!


Summer 2020 Practice Rules


  • Kids need own equipment, we will not have team gear
  • Enter through ambulance access gate
  • No locker room access, only for bathrooms for emergencies
  • Come in suit, leave in suit and caps and goggles, if can’t put on themselves
  • Enter at least 6 feet apart and go directly to lane
  • No loitering whatsoever
  • No parents on deck
  • Parents watching in the stands need to stay at least 6 feet apart, and should wear masks
  • No Parents on deck
  • Coaches wearing masks at a minimum during entrance and exit from practice.
  • Coaches handle all pool set up, including flags and lane ropes, wiped down after each full session
    • Seniors might help with ropes
  • Lane markings
  • Assigned lanes
  • Send out what lane is 1 and what lane is 8
  • 32 kids in the pool max.
    • 4 per lane, max
    • 1 at each wall and 1 at each 15 meter mark
  • Clean bathrooms after each practice session

3 strikes, you’re out

  • 1st warning, is parent notification
  • 2nd warning, is out for 1 week
  • 3rd warning, gone for summer

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Fargo, ND 58103

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