Welcome to the Barracudas Volunteer Information Page.  We appreciate YOU!  Volunteers are an important part of our team - in fact, we can't run a meet without you!  Please take a moment to read through the detailed Volunteer Requirements at the bottom of this page, but in summary, parent requirements for Barracudas families are:

Spring / Summer Parent Volunteer Requirements:

Each Barracudas Family must volunteer to fill 3 positions during the summer season.  Parents of swimmers ages 10 & Under will be required to volunteer as an age group coordinator at least one time during the summer season.  If parents do not sign up, those jobs will be assigned to parents who have not met the 1 age group coordinator position requirement.   We also ask that families donate to the Barracudas concession stand 2-3 times.  The concession stand helps to keep booster fees low.

Fall / Winter Parent Volunteer Requirements:

High School families are required to work 2 shifts. Eighth grade & under swimmers' families are required to work 3 shifts throughout the season.  In addition, all families MUST work the Boo-rracuda Invitational which is our mandatory team fundraiser. If these requirements are not met by the final dual meet, a $70 charge will be billed to your Team Unify account.  IF THE $70 FINE IS NOT PAID BY THE DIVISION CHAMPIONSHIP MEET, your swimmer will not be permitted to participate in championships up to and including zones and nationals.

To sign up for a volunteer position, Click on the Events tab, locate the meet and click on the 'Job Signup' link.  Thank you !


Volunteer Job Descriptions

Meet Support

In order to have successful and enjoyable meets, we need lots of support to help with the home meets. Parents are crucial to the success of out team!

Many Meet Support positions are split into two event shifts, Events 1 - 46 and Events 47 - 90. If you wish to work at a position for the entire meet, please sign up for both event shifts. Also, all volunteers signing up for the first shift, please arrive at the YMCA by 12:30 pm on the day of the meet to help set up. Those signing up for the second shift, please plan to stay after the meet and help clean up.

The Starter, Stroke Judge, and Meet Referee are all "official" positions. You must have gone to the Official's Training in order to volunteer for these positions. These positions are only needed at home meets. We need four (4) officials for each home meet per shift.

Three (3) Scorers are needed throughout the meet to tally the results of each event. This position runs the Colorado Timing System and scoreboard as well as inputs data into the computer. This is a position that cannot be changed for the entire meet and it calls for a commitment to stay after the meet and tally the results.

Two (2) Timers per lane are needed for home meets to time each swimmer during each event. These personnel time the swimmers and record the times on the lane sheet for each event. We have 6 lanes, so we need 12 timers per event shift, totaling 24 timers.

The Age Group Coordinators are responsible for gathering age 8 and under swimmers for each individual event as well as age 9-10 swimmers and delivering them to the blocks prior to their events. These volunteers also get the relays organized for these age groups and make sure that each swimmer is in the correct order as stated on the heat sheet. Depending on the number of children in each age group, the number of coordinators will vary and is split up by age and by boys/girls. Also, you will be responsible for reminding all swimmers to get their swim caps, goggles, shoes and towels before they go to the pool area. SHOES MUST BE WORN AT ALL TIMES OUTSIDE THE POOL AREA AT ALL MEETS

The Event Coordinator - Gym is responsible for writing the event numbers and on-deck numbers on the whiteboard and keeping order in the Gym.

The Behind the Block Coordinators are responsible for staging swimmers behind the blocks and for helping the swimmers get to the correct lanes and also to prevent overcrowding behind blocks.

Concessions will be available at each of our home meets. Concession workers are split into two event shifts. The concession stand will be located in the Multi-Purpose Room. There will be a concession sign up sheet posted before each home meet on the website for parent donations.

Volunteer Requirements

Volunteers are the heart of our team. We require 70 volunteer positions to run a dual meet at our pool. We need far less for an away meet but the positions are still critical to give our swimmers a successful experience.

ALL FAMILIES are required to work at least 3 shifts during each swim season.

Exception: Parents of High School swimmers are required to work 2 shifts during our winter season.

If you are new and are concerned you won't know what to do, don't worry. We can quickly train you to be a timer, runner, concession worker or whatever you choose to volunteer for. Please contact Coach Bev with any questions.

While we appreciate all food donations to our concession stand, this does not count as a volunteer opportunity. We use our concession stand to raise funds to help keep your booster fees and our overhead low. You will have an opportunity to donate a food item while you are selecting your volunteer position.

Volunteer spots are filled on a first come, first served basis; so, please sign up early. If you have an 8/under or 9/10 child, you will be required to volunteer as an age group coordinator at least 1 time each season.

If you have signed up to volunteer for a meet and change your mind, please delete your name from that position, and choose another spot. Check back often throughout the season as things change and positions may open or close frequently.

If you want to get your volunteering out of the way quickly, you may sign up for 2 positions at the same meet (i.e. timer for first half and timer for 2nd half). Please make sure the jobs don't overlap. If mom wants to time the first half and dad wants to work concessions the first half, that will count for 2 positions.

If something comes up and you can't come to a meet you've volunteered for (i.e. sick child the morning of the meet), you should try to find a replacement parent, have another family member come to the meet anyway, or as a last resort, contact the Volunteer Coordinator to assist you. You will still be responsible for the required number of meets and will need to find another spot at a later meet.

ALL VOLUNTEERS MUST SIGN IN UPON ARRIVAL WITH THE VOLUNTEER COORDINATOR ON THE POOL DECK. This allows the volunteer coordinator to know everyone showed up and that all positions are covered. It also allows us to keep accurate records and credit you for the work you did. If you do not sign in, you may not receive credit for your work.