YMCA Invitationals



The Northeastern part of Ohio and also Western PA are loaded with YMCA invitational meets. If you have not had your fill of swim meets from our dual meet schedule, then why not try out some YMCA Invitationals? Below is basic information you will need to know about signing up for and attending a YMCA invitational. Before reading on about this topic, it is important to know that your first responsibility as a Y-Neptune swimmer is to your Y-Neptune team.

Most Northeast Ohio Y invitational swim meets are held on “off weekends” (when we do not have a dual meet, or Divisionals, Leagues or Zones.) Know that our YMCA dual meets are held on Saturdays. Divisionals is held on either the first Saturday or Sunday in February (this is a mandatory meet for all Y-Neptunes), and Leagues is always held on the first Saturday in March. Because of this, most YMCA Invitationals are held on Sundays.

There are entry fees for Y-Invitationals, Divisionals, Leagues and Zones.

There are NO entry fees to participate in Y-Neptune dual meets.

You must register here on Team Unify before the Y Neptune Registration Deadline if you wish to attend a posted Invitational Meet. Fee's for invitational meets are set by the hosting team, but paid via Team Unify with the credit card listed on your individual account.

Why go to a YMCA invitational?

  • You choose what events you swim and awards - often medals, trophies and ribbons - are given to those who place.
  • You get to see new places and pools.
  • You get to compete against swimmers you might not see until Divisionals or Leagues.

If you have any questions about attending YMCA invitationals, contact the Head Coach.


2022-2023 YMCA Invitationals are Listed on the Home Page

All meet information, location and fees will be posted in the Meet Schedule on the Home Page. They will be updated throughout the year once information is received from the meet hosts.

Y NEPTUNE Fee to pay for Coaches attendance at YMCA Invitationals "2022-23"

A Y Neptune Fee of $5 per swimmer per meet is required to be a participant at YMCA Invitationals. This fee will be added to your meet entry fees and paid via credit card on team unify.