The Aquatic Club of Enid

The Aquatic Club of Enid is a competitive swim team in Enid Oklahoma. We provide opportunities to swim in a safe, healthy environment while letting each participant pursue their own goals and personal development, both in and out of the pool. Through participation in sports, swimmers can learn to set goals, develop new skills, work as a team and treat others fairly.

Team Philosophy

The Aquatic Club of Enid is a year round program dedicated to helping athletes reach their God given potential in spirit, mind, and body. We provide an atmosphere of challenging hard work and commitment that will help all swimmers meet their goals.

Swimming teaches participants how to win, how to lose with grace, and how to develop a personal philosophy that will help make them successful in life. They learn to evaluate their efforts, set goals, and work to achieve them.

Team Motto

Swimming is never fair.

Team Goals and Objectives

• To have FUN!

• To develop swimmers from beginners to high level athletes.

• To promote a positive relationship within the community.

• To get the youth of our community involved in physical fitness activities.

• To save lives by teaching kids how to swim.

• To develop success in kids’ lives both in and out of the pool.


Team History

The Aquatic Club of Enid began in 1974 having much success and producing great swimmers throughout the years, but was disbanded in 2008. Swimming continued in Enid for the next 10 years through the YMCA Water Rockets swim team which started in 1997. A USA SWIMMING team was started through the YMCA in 2012 through which athletes became more involved in the sport and the team grew. Then in July of 2018 the decision was made to separate the swim team from the YMCA and so the result was the bringing back of the Aquatic Club of Enid.

Currently our head coach is Samuel Stewart who began swimming with the Water Rockets when he was 16 years old and started coaching at age 18. Coach Stewart took over as head coach of the Enid YMCA swim team in December of 2013 after serving as the assistant coach for approximately a year and a half. Since then he has brought the team from no level to a level two Club on the USA SWIMMING recognition program and led the team to win 6 YMCA State Championships, break 65 YMCA state records, and break 15 USA SWIMMING state records. Our team has created many YMCA and USA SWIMMING state record holders, as well as sending multiple swimmers to as high a level of swimming as Jr. Nationals. Our swimmers have received scholarships from NAIA, Div 2, and Div 1 colleges. We are very proud of our swimmer’s accomplishments and we look forward to working with all new swimmers and their families.