All Dolphin swimmers are required to use specific gear which aid in increasing the effectiveness of their training.  All swimmers are required to have a team suit, team cap and goggles. 

Team suits, caps, and apparel can be ordered online through this link:

Practice suits are also needed since the chlorine is hard on suits and if the team suit is used for both practice and meets it will not make it through the season.

Swimmers should also wear flip-flops to and from the pool for all practices.

Depending on the practice group that the swimmer is in, there is additional equipment required such as fins, paddles and snorkels. 

Swimmers are required to bring all of their equipment to each practice they attend.  Their gear should be marked with their name so that it is not accidentally taken by another swimmer and if left at practice can be easily returned to them.  Sharpies work best for marking equipment and will need to be reapplied throughout the season as needed.  Swimmers may also want to keep their equipment in a mesh bag (suggest removing equipment after each practice to let dry at home).

Please use the table to determine what equipment each swimmer needs.


Swim Equipment Needed By Each Practice Group
Equipment Novice AG Senior
Short Blade Fins (type depends on size of swimmer) Yes Yes Yes
Front Snorkel w/ Purge Valve Yes Yes Yes
Alignment Board Yes Yes Yes

Click on the equipment below to be brought to specifics pages on Amazon.

Fins - TYR Burners

Little Fins - Finis Z2 Gold Zoomers

Front Snorkel - Finis Swimmer's Snorkel

Front Snorkel - Finis Swimmer's Snorkel (Junior for swimmers under 10)

Finis Alignment Board

Paddles - Speedo Preflex Paddles



Sizing Information

TYR Burners - Sizing By Color
X-Small Orange Men's 3-5, Women's 4.5-6.5
Small Green Men's 5-7, Women's 6.5-8.5
Medium Yellow Men's 7-9, Women's 8.5-10.5
Large Red Men's 9-11, Women's 10.5-12.5
X-Large Blue Men's 11-13, Women's 12.5-14.5


Finis Z2 Gold Zoomer

ONLY buy the Finis Z2 if the Orange TYR is too big for your swimmer


Front Snorkel - Finis Yellow Snorkel

SR This is the size used by most swimmers
JR Only for the smallest swimmers


Speedo Preflex Paddles

Small Blue- Length: 7.1'' | Width: 6.0''
Medium Red - Length: 8.6'' | Width: 7.0''
Large Yellow - Length: 9.2'' | Width: 7.5''