Swim Meet Volunteer Roles:


Meet Director:

Person is responsible for making sure all volunteer responsibilities and roles are filled and managed the day of swim meets. Acts as liaison to coaches, parents, volunteers, & swimmers. Helps manage all aspects of meet.

Bull Pen:

Works to insure swimmers are on deck and ready to swim their events to keep swim meet moving along on time.  Helps communicate event times and heats to bullpen area (usually gym) so swimmers attend all events they are supposed to.

Meet Runner:

Works with timing table to give timers sheets so they can write down race times. Collects sheets from timers and delivers to timing table so events can be recorded in timing system. Posts results around YMCA in viewing area, hallway, and gym.

Concession Volunteers: Volunteer(s) will work half-meet shifts at the concession table set up in the Y main lobby. Depending on timing of shift, duties can include collecting/checking off food items from swim families as they enter the Y, setting up food display, selling food items, restocking food and drinks, cleaning up table at end of meet. Several volunteers are requested for each shift so parents can take a quick break and see their child swim their event and still keep concession table covered.

Concession Food Items: All swim families are asked to sign up/provide a food item from the requested item list in Job Sign-Up. If you cannot provide a specific item, you are asked to provide $5 per swimmer ($8 if multiple swimmer family) to the concession director to cover costs of ordering pizza.  

Swimmer Numbers: Volunteer(s) will get the swimmer race assignment list from coach and stand in the bullpen area. All dolphin swimmers will go to volunteer who will write that swimmers event #’s on their hand with sharpie marker. (include stroke abbreviation for younger swimmers) This should be taking place prior to swimmer heading in pool for warm-ups.

Pool Equipment Set Up:  Volunteer (s) will arrive an hour prior to start of meet. They will assist in getting the outside lane lines put in, set up the benches along the wall and the 3 rows of chairs behind each starting block. Once warm-ups are over, the volunteers, with assistance from a coach, will help put the timing pads into the pool.

Pool Equipment Break Down: Volunteer (s) will remain after meet for approximately 20-30 min to break down timing area, put the chairs and benches away, and help remove the timing equipment from pool (with the help of a coach).

Timing Table Runner Assistant:  Volunteer needed from start of first event to last event of swim meet. This person will be on deck and work closely with the timing table. They will distribute the timing sheets to each lane and regularly (and often) collect the completed timing sheets from each lane and hand them into the timing table. The runner assistant is often the person who posts results outside of the pool as well.

Lane Timers: Volunteer(s) needed to remain on pool deck from start of first event to last event of the swim meet. Timers will attend a short meeting with officials prior to the start of the meet to go over procedures for timing, including how to work provided stopwatch. Typically, three timers are needed for each lane.

Welcome Center: Volunteer(s) will arrive 30 minutes prior to warm-ups and set up table in the door entrance of the Y. They will be responsible for warmly welcoming all guests (visiting and home team) and help direct swimmers and families to the appropriate bull pen/locker/pool areas.  Attendance tracker may also sit at the welcome center table to account for swimmers as they are walking in.

YMCA Swim Officials

Officials are responsible for making sure that swim meets are conducted under fair and equitable conditions. Officials insure that starts, strokes, turns, and finishes are done following USA swimming regulations. A volunteer may become a level l or II YMCA official by taking a course and successfully passing a test. This is a great way to help out the team as we are always in need of new officials. If interested in this role, please speak directly with the head coach so you can be notified of upcoming training.

Meet Attendance Monitor(s) – All swimmers must be accounted for prior to the start of a swim meet.  The meet attendance monitor (1 or more people) will receive a declared swimmer report from the head coach and shall be responsible for reconciling the report to actual attendance.