The USA Swimming Safe Sport Program raises awareness about misconduct in our sport, promotes open dialogue, and provides training and resources. When we work as a team, we can build a plan to make swimming safe—for everyone.



If you have any immediate concerns that you wish to raise to the team please contact Jennifer Campbell, Safe Sport Coordinator, at [email protected]



Safe Sport Reporting Procedure

Safe Sport Best Practices

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Athletes over the age of 18

USA Swimming athletes age 18 and over must complete an Athlete Protection Training as a membership requirement.

Failure to take this training results in your membership being flagged as "not in good standing" and you cannot compete in any USA Swimming sanctioned, approved or observed meets. You will lose all membership privileges until the course is completed.

USE THIS LINK to take the training or the link that is on New England Swim website. It is the same course that all coaches and non-athletes must take. You must complete the small survey at the end in order for the course to be completed. Once it is completed it will show up on your deck pass as completed.

Beginning June 23 2019 meet reports will show which athletes are ineligible to swim if this course has not been completed.