Twenty Reasons Why Swimming is A Great Sport for Your Kids

Twenty Reasons Why Swimming is a Great Sport for Your Kids

by Ryan Woodruff

Not that you don't already know how great it is, but have you considered all of these?

1. Swimming is great exercise that emphasizes total-body strength and cardiovascular fitness.
2. Swimming is low impact.  Injuries are not common and rarely serious.
3. All of your kids can be part of the same program. Swimming is definitely a family activity.
4. Water is calming.
5. Swimmers have excellent grades.
6. Swimmers nearly universally cite "time management" as one of the most important skills they learn.
7. The shared struggle of training and competition makes teammates friends for life.
8. The people are awesome -- swimmers, parents, and coaches.
9. Swimming keeps kids clean. That's right - no need for showers/baths quite as often.
10. Swimming is a sport everyone can do for life -- even if you live to be more than 100 years old.
11. Being able to swim is a skill everyone should have. It might even save someone else's life.
12. Kids that swim learn how to be humble in success.
13. Kids that swim learn how to be resilient in the face of failure.
14. Swimmers are highly employable as adults.
15. Swimming is very fair. There is no judge determining who wins. Your results are under your control.
16. Swimmers learn discipline through the hard work required to get faster.
17. Swimming is both an individual and team sport.
18. Learning to perform under pressure in the "big moment" helps swimmers when they grow up and have real responsibilities.
19. Swimming builds confidence when kids learn how to accomplish goals through hard work.
20. Swimming requires parent involvement as volunteers, showing kids that their parents really care.

What other reasons would you add to this list?

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