Frequently Asked Questions About LY Swim Team

What is the practice schedule?

    You can see it here.

How much does swim team cost?

   You can see our cost breakdown by group here and our full financial policies here.

What are the minimum skill requirements to be on the team?

   Swimmers must be able to comfortably and without assistance complete a 25 of freestyle and a 25 of another stroke.

Is there an attendance requirement? Do swimmers have to come to practice every day?

   None of our groups have a required minimum, but we do find that the more often a swimmer comes to practice, the more rapidly he will improve and the more he will enjoy the sport!

Do swimmers have to wear team caps and suits?

    All caps at practice and meets need to be team caps.  See our team attire policy for more info.

Are swimmers required to participate in meets?

   We believe that meet participation is a HUGE part of the LY experience.  We would like all swimmers to participate in meets regularly.  Meets give your swimmer a chance to test her progress and compete against the clock and other swimmers! With that point made, swimmers are not required to attend meets, we just highly recommend it!

How do we go about committing to meets?

   Here is a document to explain that process.

How do we find out what group my swimmer will be in?

   If you are new to LY, we suggest that you sign up for a swimmer evaluation. If you are coming from a team in the Lynchburg Aquatic League, we may be able to look at your swimmer's time and make a group recommendation.  If you register without doing an evaluation, Abby Woodruff ([email protected]) will let you know in which group we are placing your swimmer.

When and how often do swimmers "move up" to a new group?

   We typically move swimmers up in August and April at the beginning of a new season.  Occasionally, we will do move-ups in December in special circumstances.

How do I get a username and password to log in to the team website?

   When you submit a registration form, you will be added to our database and a e-mail prompting you to create a password will be sent to you at the beginning of the season.

How do I order a team suit?

   Swim and Tri is our team vendor.  Give them a call at 1-877-SWIM-TRI or visit our Team Portal.

What equipment is required at practice?

   See this list.

How does the fundraising requirement work?

   Each family must raise $250 in fundraising each year.  This is easier than it sounds.  See this list of opportunities.

I heard practice is challenging.  What is the training philosophy of the program?

   We definitely believe in challenging our swimmers, but we look at swimming as a vehicle for teaching broader lessons about life.  Our younger groups are focused on technique at practice, and the physical difficulty gradually increases as our swimmers get older. Challenges help you grow, and learning the skills to become a better athlete has many applications outside the pool!

What does my swimmer need to do to move up to the next group?

Generally, we need to see consistent attendance, elevated performance, regular meet participation, and the athlete needs to attain the minimum age for the next group.

When is the next meet?

   Our meet schedule will be published to  Make sure you are logged in with your email address and password so that you can see all members-only content.

Are parents required to volunteer?

   We have many volunteer positions at meets that we will be asking you to fulfill, but inability of parents to volunteer doesn't disqualify swimmers from participation.

My swimmer can't come to practice on a certain day.  Can he/she just come to a different group?

   No, swimmers may only come to practice with the group they are assigned to.  Coming to a different group becomes unmanageable for our coaches.

         How is communication to parents handled?

   Primarily through e-mail.  We also publish information to our website, facebook page, twitter feed, instagram feed, and we have an emergency text system for urgent situations.

Can I come watch my swimmer practice?

   Yes, parents are welcome to watch.  At the Jamerson, we ask that parents sit in the bleachers near the timing pads.  Downtown, parents may watch from the lobby windows.

We will need to come 10 minutes late to practice.  Should we still come?

   Yes, better late than never.  If this will be a regular occurrence, please communicate with your swimmer's coach ahead of time.

How is the team structured?

   Our team is comprised of 6 separate practice groups.  See the team structure here.

How does the high school season work for LY Swimmers?

   Nearly all of our high school swimmers practice with LY during the HS season.  We encourage them to attend their HS meets and prepare them for the championship season.  This arrangement has worked very well over the last few years.

Does the team take breaks during the year?

   We typically take a two week break in August and a 1-week break in the spring.  Other than that, we operate year-round.  In the summer months, our practices move from the Y to Miller Park.

Do all groups practice in the summer?

   Historically, only the Gold, Varsity, and National groups have practiced in the summer.  We are looking into having more groups continue to practice through the summer.

Are we required to be members of the Y? How do I sign up to be a member of the YMCA?

   Yes, all team members are required to be members of the Y.  Just stop by either the Downtown Y or the Jamerson Y and speak with someone at the front desk.

I would like to work out at the Y while my kid is at swim practice is that o.k.?

   Yes! Go for it!

How do I sign up for the emergency text alerts?

   Here is a document to explain that process.