Inclement Weather/Practice Cancellation Communication Policy

In the event that weather (or any other unforeseen event) forces us to cancel practice, we will take the following steps:

1. Send a text to the affected groups via our emergency texting system. See how you can sign up below.

2. Send an email to the affected groups. As a registered swimmer with LY, you are already on our email list.

3. Tweet the information at  This will also display on the front page of our website.

4. We will post this information to our facebook page.

5. We will post a brief news story to

In an inclement weather situation such as we may encounter this winter, we do not plan to post a notice affirming that practice IS being held.  If no notice is posted, please assume that it is being held. 


Emergency Texting Sign-Up Instructions

We are now using a service called "Remind" that allows us to send mass text alerts. We plan to use this only in extremely urgent situations where e-mail simply isn't fast enough - like a practice cancellation due to weather or a pool outage. We won't be able to see your phone number and you won't be able to directly respond. We encourage parents AND swimmers 13 & over to sign up so that we can reach you quickly if absolutely necessary.

Sign-up is by group.  Simply send a text to the number 81010 with the code for your swimmer’s group as indicated below: