Swim Meet Volunteer Positions and Descriptions

All of these jobs serve a critical function in the success of our meets.  None of them require you to miss your swimmer's event!

Announcer: The announcer is in charge of making general meet announcements over a microphone at a swim meet such as when warm ups will begin, when the meet starts, where coaches and officials need to meet, and other information that coaches, parents, and swimmers need at a swim meet. The announcer is also asked to have the MeetBop app loaded on his or her personal phone and update it as each heat of the meet begins. Requirements: A strong clear voice, MeetBop app installed on personal phone.

Runner: No, you don't actually have to "run." The purpose of this job is to collect printed results from the computer table and "run" them to the window outside the concession stand and tape them up. At most swim meets, awards are given out to the participants for their placing at the meet.  Toward the end of a session, the runner is responsible for placing labels on ribbons and medals displaying the time and place that a swimmer received for a particular swim at a meet. This part of the job is typically peformed in hospitality. Requirements: Ability to walk quickly around the facility and on a crowded pool deck.

Timer: Typically this position requires the most volunteers, and it is the simplest position.  Each lane at a pool typically requires 2 timers per lane to ensure accurate timing. Timers use stopwatches and automatic buttons to record times for the swimmers participating in the meet. Requirements: Ability to stand for lengthy periods of time and pay close attention to the meet.

Head Timer: The Head Timer supervises the timers in each lane and assists a timer if their is a timing malfunction. The Head Timer starts 2 watches for each heat and then supplies them to any timer whose watch didn't start for whatever reason.  Requirements: Ability to stand for lengthy periods of time and pay close attention to the meet.

Concessions Helper: Most swim meets sell food, drinks, and heat sheets to parents and swimmers.  These volunteers help set up our hospitality room prepare food, and collect money from customers. Requirements: Must be responsible and trustworthy collecting money from swimmers and parents.

Hospitality Helper: Most swim meets provide snacks, drinks, and food at swim meets for coaches and officials working at the meet for a long period of time.  Hospitality helpers are similar to concessions workers, but only prepare food for coaches and officials working at a swim meet. Requirements: None

Safety Marshall: The Safety Marshall (sometimes called "Meet Marshall") is responsible for monitoring the behavior of swimmers and spectators on the pool deck to ensure the safety of every swimmer in the pool. You are basically an extra set of eyes for lifeguards and meet management. The Safety Marshall is responsible for keeping parents out of the "Coaches and swimmers only" areas of the pool.  Requirements: Wearing an orange vest while volunteering

Line-up Parent: These volunteers work mostly behind the blocks to make sure that 10 & under LY swimmers get to their races on time and in the correct heat and lane.  Typically, we have 2 line-up parents work as a team to make sure that swimmers get where they need to be (occasionally they may have to fetch a swimmer from the gymnasium).  Line-up parents enable our LY coaches to do more coaching by allowing them to watch the races and talk to the swimmers rather than spending their time making sure their swimmers are behind the blocks.

Heat Winner Ribbons: This volunteer watches the meet and hands a heat winner ribbon to the swimmer in each 12 & under heat who wins the race. The heat winner ribbons are kept near the timing table.

Awards: This volunteer gets a printout of labels for the ribbons, applies them to the correct color of ribbons, and sorts the ribbons into boxes for each visiting team.  This most often takes place in hospitality.


USA Swimming/YMCA Officiating Positions (Training Required)

Are you interested in becoming an official? E-mail LY Officials' Coordinator Kris Sennett

CTS Operator/Computer Recorder: The CTS Operator is responsible for monitoring the Automatic Electronic Timing system and ensuring the reliability of the data sent from the touch pads. The computer recorder reconciles the times with DQs and makes sure that the results are acccurately compiled in the meet computer.

Stroke & Turn Judge: The Stroke and Turn Judges ensure that all swimmers follow the USA Swimming rules for butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, and freestyle, and that turns are executed in accordance with USA Swimming rules.  This ensures a fair competition for all swimmers.

Starter: The Starter is responsible for getting all swimmers on the blocks and into the water at the same time.

Meet Referee: The Meet Referee is responsible for all of the officials at a swim meet and is generally responsible for the ensuring that a swim meet runs smoothly and is fair for all participants.


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