Step 1: COACHES will post the meet schedule and sign-up deadlines to The meet schedule will be posted under the “Meets” tab and also listed in the events in the lower-right portion of the home page.

Step 2: PARENTS and/or SWIMMERS will log on to and state their commitment or non-commitment to the meets on schedule by the deadline for each individual meet. If a swimmer can only attend certain days of the meet, these should be noted in the available text box on the commitment page. All LY Swimmers are USA Swimming and YMCA registered and are thus eligible to compete in either type of meet.

Step 3: Once the deadline has passed, COACHES will take a few days to select the committed swimmers’ events and will post these entries to the website. COACHES will not enter swimmers who have said they cannot attend or those that have made no commitment.

Step 4: When the entries have been posted, HEAD COACH will send an e-mail to entered swimmers asking them to make a final check of these entries before the entries are submitted. A final deadline (typically 3-5 days from posting) will be included in that e-mail. SWIMMERS/PARENTS must check these entries and e-mail their coach prior to the final deadline with any comments or questions. Parents and swimmers need to check events, days, and entry times (entries must be swimmers’ best times). SWIMMERS who previously had not stated a commitment or a stated a negative commitment but wish to be added to the entries must email their coach prior to this final deadline.

Step 5: When the final deadline has passed, COACHES will make the necessary changes from Step 4 and the entries will be submitted to the host team. At this time LY will pay the host club for entries and families will be responsible for paying entry fees, even if they later choose not to attend or are unable to attend for any reason.

Step 6: Go to the meet and have fun swimming fast!

Step 7: Families will be billed for entries. Meet entry fees will be drafted unless other arrangements have been made with Abby. This is typically done within a few days after the conclusion of the meet.