Practice Groups

Our team is divided into practice groups. This allows to train each athlete at his or her own level alongside peers of similar age and ability.  The following table explains how our groups are constructed.  Please remember that athlete group assignments are solely determined by the coaching staff and are never automatic (e.g. turning a certain age or attaining a certain time).  The coaches take into account meet and practice performance, physical and social maturity, age, commitment, attendance, and overall preparedness for the next group before promoting a swimmer.

Please see our Practice Schedule page for the current schedule for all groups.

Group Practices/Wk Length of Practice Cost Per Month* Primary Location
Bronze 1 and Bronze 2 3 1 hour $59.00 Jamerson YMCA
Silver 5 1 hour $74.00 Jamerson YMCA
Gold 6 1 hour, 30 min $89.00 Jamerson YMCA
Varsity 6 1 hour, 45 min + dryland $99.00 Downtown YMCA
National 7

2 hrs + dryland

$119.00 Downtown YMCA

*=Cost per month amount includes swim team dues only.  It does not include registration, YMCA membership dues, or swim meets. Additional swimmers from the same family get a $10 per month discount.