The YMCA of Delaware promotes a safe environment for youth in all areas across the organization that is free from abuse. No form of abuse will be tolerated.

Forms of abuse include, without limitation, the following:

  • Physical Abuse is injury that is intentionally inflicted upon a youth.
  • Sexual Abuse is any contact of a sexual nature that occurs between a youth and an adult or between two youths. This includes any activity which is meant to arouse or gratify the sexual desires of the adult or the other youth.
  • Emotional Abuse is mental or emotional injury to a youth that results in an observable and material impairment in the youth’s growth, development, or psychological functioning.
  • Neglect or Negligent Treatment is the failure to provide for a youth’s basic needs or the failure to protect a youth from harm.

All reports of suspicious or inappropriate behavior with youths or allegation of abuse will be taken seriously. The YMCA of Delaware will fully cooperate with authorities if allegations of abuse are made that require investigation.

The YMCA of Delaware will not retaliate against any staff member or volunteer that makes a report or participates in an investigation of suspected child abuse.  

Guidelines for Responding to Incidents or Allegations of Abuse

  • If you witness abuse, interrupt the behavior immediately.
  • If abuse is disclosed to you, assure the individual disclosing that he or she was correct to tell you.
  • Protect the alleged victim from intimidation, retribution, or further abuse.
  • Immediately report the allegation or incident to the proper YMCA of Delaware authorities, State of Delaware 24 Hour Division of Family Services Child Abuse & Neglect Report Line at 1-800-292-9582 and the U.S. Center for Safe Sport at 720-531-0340.
  • Be sure to document the incident, disclosure, or any circumstances causing your suspicion of abuse. State only the facts.
  • It is not your job to investigate the incident, but it IS your job to report the incident to your Swim Team Leadership and/or Branch Executive in a timely manner.

Check back to make sure appropriate steps were taken. If not, report again to your Branch Executive or YMCA of Delaware Association Office.

Step One | Report Child Abuse to your local Y

Brandywine Barracudas (Brandywine Y)
Carolan Cross | Executive Director (
Tom Janton | Head Coach (

Dover Dolphins (Dover Y)
Tim Rushton | Executive Director (
Bridget Di Luzio | Director, Aquatic Operations (

Sussex Tsunamis (Sussex Y)
Josh Lewis |  Executive Director (
Patti Walker | Director, Aquatic Operations (

Western Wahoos (Western Y)
Thomas Wallace | Executive Director (
Tom Janton | 
Head Coach (

Step Two | Report Child Abuse to Local Authorities
State of Delaware Website:  Click Here                                                

Step Three | Report Child Abuse to the U.S. Center Safe Sport
U.S. Center Safe Sport Website:  Click Here