The Safe Sport Act was created in reaction to the abuse found within various youth sports organizations, including USA Gymnastics. This act will ensure a new standard of care that will affect youth serving organizations across the country. The purpose of the law is to expand existing mandated reporting laws to all youth sport organizations that participate in international or interstate sporting events, which includes all YMCA of Delaware Swim Team Programs.

As part of The Safe Sport Act, youth sports organizations are:

  • Required to establish reasonable procedures which limit one-on-one interactions between an adult and an amateur athlete who is a minor – without being in an observable and interruptible distance from another adult.
  • Required to provide consistent training to staff and volunteers to cover prevention and reporting of sexual abuse for all adults in contact with athletes.
  • Required to establish policies that protect those making reports from retaliation.

As part of The Safe Sport Act, adults (staff or volunteer) involved with youth sports organizations are:

  • Deemed as mandated reporters regarding child abuse
  • Required to report any incidents or suspected incidents of child abuse within 24-hours to the appropriate local authorities.
  • Required to report any incidents or suspected incidents of child abuse within 24-hours to the US Center for Safe Sport if their swim team is under a National Governing Body (NGB). 

All YMCA of Delaware Swim Teams are under the NGB of USA Swimming

With all of this in mind, the YMCA of Delaware has been working to strengthen swim team policies & procedures regarding child protection, including volunteer requirements, which swim team volunteers must adhere with in order to volunteer at a YMCA swim team event.  These new requirements go into effect immediately. 

As a community-based organization concerned with the protection of all children, the YMCA of Delaware encourages all Swim Team Parents/Guardians to complete training around child abuse prevention and our responsibility as mandated reporters of suspected child abuse.  To volunteer with your swim team, documented training may be required.  To see a complete list of swim team volunteer roles and training requirements, visit our volunteer area of this website.  Trainings are required to renew every year and our swim team leadership will support this process for their volunteers.  In partnership with a third party vendor, the YMCA of Delaware will provide these trainings at no-cost for all swim team volunteers.  Together trainings will take up to approximately 75-minutes to complete and will focus on your duty to report as well as how to identify those who have been abused.  In addition, these trainings will also educate you in actual prevention techniques such as understanding “grooming” practices.

Other youth serving organizations around the country are currently offering or beginning to require similar trainings.  If you are affiliated with a youth serving organization and have already completed similar trainings, you will have the option to upload your current completion certificates.  Your certificates will be reviewed to ensure the training agency which provided you the trainings satisfies the requirements.  If approved, you will not need to take the trainings offered by the Y, however you will be required to renew your trainings on a yearly basis (whether with the Y or the other youth serving organization).