As a community-based organization committed to protecting all children, the YMCA of Delaware encourages all Swim Team families to complete annual training around child abuse prevention and your responsibilities as a mandated reporter of suspected child abuse.  In partnership with a third-party vendor, the YMCA of Delaware will provide these trainings at no-cost for all swim team families & volunteers.  These trainings will educate you in actual prevention techniques such as understanding “grooming” practices as well as how to identify those who have been abused. 

Volunteer Opportunities & Compliance Requirements

  Application Background
References Training:
Mandated Reporter
Athlete Protection
Advisory Committee Yes No No Yes Yes
USA Official Yes Yes Yes No No
YMCA Official Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Volunteer Coach Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Locker Room Monitor No No No Yes Yes
Timers & Other Roles w/ Athletes No No No Yes No

USA Swimming Officials complete most trainings through USA Swimming ; All other trainings, including background checks and references are completed by & paid for by the YMCA of Delaware. 


When can I begin my online trainings?

Within 48-hours after the YMCA of Delaware receives your volunteer application, you should receive an e-mail from “[email protected] (Click Here for Sample).  This specific e-mail will provide you instructions and access to the online training platform known as Armatus.  Once logged in, you will see two online child protection trainings available and once completed, the YMCA of Delaware will receive an alert that your training is complete.  There will not be a requirement to print your completion certificate and provide to your Swim Team Leadership.

If you would like to be an advocate for child safety and learn more about ways to keep kids safe and mandatory reporting responsibility, let us know.  These trainings are free and anyone is welcome to be signed up to take the courses.  If you are interested to take the training, please e-mail Deric Clinton at [email protected]


What if I’ve taken similar child protection trainings elsewhere?

Many youth serving organizations around the country do offer or are beginning to require similar trainings.  If you are or were affiliated with a youth serving organization and have already completed Duty to Report-Mandated Reporter training, you will find below a link to submit equivalent training (must have completed the training on or after August 1, 2021).  Your certificate will be reviewed to ensure the training agency which provided you the training satisfies our requirements.  If approved, you will not be required to complete “Duty to Report – Mandated Reporter” Training offered by the Y, however you will be required to complete the provided Athlete Protection – Swim Edition training if you are volunteering in a capacity where additional training is required.  All trainings must be renewed on a yearly basis.   Submit Equivalent Training:  Click Here