2011 Great Lakes Zone Meet Information

This site contains information relative to the 2011 Great Lake Zone Championship Meet.  Meet Date is March 18, 19, 20, 2011

Location is Ohio State University - McCorkle Aquatic Pavillion

Most of the apparel orders went out in the mail on April 6, and should deliver this weekend.  Should you have questions, please contact Melanie Williams.
On 3/22, we updated pages 92 and 93 in the Meet Results (PDF) for an incorrect results sequence out of Meet Manager.  Also updated the real-time results page for event 337.
Thank you for your attendance at the 2011 Great Lakes Zone Championship!  We hope you have a great time at the meet.  We recognize the crowds in the stands were more than most would prefer, but that was an outcome of the number of teams and athletes in attendance.
There was a tremendous amount of fast swimming, with 22 new meet records this weekend (plus two new records for the 11-12 500 Freestyle).  Congratulations to the swimmers!
If you have any comments you want to provided to the hosts, please use the feedback button below.
The meet results are posted below.  Thank you again for your patience and your attendance!
Two days done, and one to go.  It's important to update everyone on the Sunday afternoon session.   We will run the Sunday afternoon session in two pools.  The girls will compete in the center pool  The boys will compete in the pool closest to the scoreboard. By splitting the session the timeline indicates all of the events will complete by 4:47 PM (original timeline was 5:28 for one pool).  The diving well will be available all afternoon for warm-up/cool-down.   To insure adequate rest between events for individual swimmers. the updated Sunday Afternoon Session Report incorporates additional breaks between events.  We will stick to the event start times to provide the best competition opportunity for the swimmers -- and still end the meet 41 minutes earlier than scheduled to allow parents to start their trip home earlier.   We will collapse the timers into one slightly longer session of 2 hours and 7 minutes (versus first half and second half).  We will need 22 additional timers to run the session in two pools.  Officials and timers that prefer one pool over the other will be asked their preference as to pool (boys or girls) and the hosts will do the best we can to accommodate requests.  Those willing to assist with afternoon timing should check in at the volunteer table and indicate your ability to help.  THANK YOU for your patience and assistance!
Certified Coach List posted with information as of 5 PM.  If you have coaches that you need certified for Zones, please contact Linda Brooks (Michigan and Northern Ohio) or Bill Whatley (Southern Ohio, IN, KY, WV).
Letter from OSU to coaches and participants regarding the facility.
For the Friday 500 Yard Races, we will be swimming in both competition pools.  Officiating needs are lighter and this will allow us to get people back to their beds earlier on Friday night.  The girls will swim in the main competition pool, and the boys will swim in the North pool (near the scoreboard).  The diving well will be available for warm-up/cool-down during this time.   If we can recruit enough officials, we will consider a split pool session on Sunday afternoon.  If you are interested in helping, please sign-up at the Official On-Line Signup.  More later.   If you need an address to cut a check for the meet, use: 40 West Long Street; Columbus, OH 43215
Friday parking will be at the Tuttle Street Garage, starting at 2:30 with a $5 prepayment.  On Saturday and Sunday parking should be at the Neil Avenue Garage, also at $5 per vehicle each day.  Surface parking rose to $5 after publishing the meet packet.   There is construction to the south of the pool and some streets are closed.  So your GPS may not quite take you properly to the Neil Avenue garage.  There is a map with the new street drawn in to aid your driving.   The psych sheet is final with the version dated at 4:35 PM today.   Given the addition of the 11-12 500 Free and extensive entries for Friday night, we will be consolidating heats to maximize pool time.  We will also use fly-over starts on Friday for all but the backstroke events.   There will be positive check-in for the 1,000 and 1,650 freestyle.  Sheets will be near the scorers table and due prior to 11:00 AM to reseed the event.  We will alternate men's and women's heats starting with the fastest heats.
COI Status updated to late on 3/14.
PLEASE REMEMBER to check your Team Volunteer Assignments, and signup with the links to the left.  We have less than 50% of the slots filled!
Preliminary Session Report.  We will NOT wait for the listed event start times.
Corrected the meet database event numbers to match the numbering and order in the meet packet.
COI Status Updated (as of 3/8).  INCORRECT generally means the amount or the "Certificate Holder" is not as requested.
Reminder that entries close on Monday, March 14!
On-Line Timer and Officials Signup Forms Activated
Deck Assignments posted.
On-line entry link activated
Apparel Order Form Posted!
Frequently Asked Questions Posted
Hotels updated with reservation cutoff dates.
Small changes to the meet packet (sanction numbers, devotions contact)
Event file for Team Manager posted
Certificate of Insurance information posted.  This is required from each team.
Meet Packet and Qualifying times posted.