Everyone in the YMCA and in the Gymnastics community is responsible for maintaining a safe, secure and healthy environments in which our athletes can thrive.

  • Be trained - through your YMCA and USA Gymnastics (if you are a member).
  • Know and follow the MAAPP and your YMCA policies. 
  • Be aware and vigilant.
Make a Report
In Case Of Emergency, Call 911.
  • If child abuse is occurring, call 911 immediately.
  • If you suspect or know of child abuse, call local police and child services.
To Report Misconduct To Your YMCA:
Notify your supervisor immediately.
To Report Non-Sexual Misconduct To USA Gymnastics:
Report all forms of safe sport non-sexual misconduct (Physical Misconduct; Verbal/Emotional Misconduct; Bullying; Hazing; and Harassment) to  USA  Gymnastics Safe Sport using the options listed below:
Call: 833-844-SAFE (7233)
To Report Sexual Misconduct:
If you suspect or have knowledge of sexual misconduct, contact the U.S. Center for SafeSport immediately.
Please note: USA Gymnastics mandates that all members follow state and federal laws governing reporting of child abuse. If you are 18 years of age or older and are subject to USA Gymnastics Safe Sport policy, you are required to report all instances of possible child abuse or neglect to law enforcement and state child services.
Reporting abuse to USA Gymnastics and/or the U.S. Center for SafeSport DOES NOT fulfill a member's legal obligation to report to law enforcement.  For more information on your legal obligations to report child abuse visit: childwelfare.gov 

Requirements for Coaches, Volunteers and Adult Athletes (18 & Over)

In compliance with the Safe Sport Law and the YMCA’s commitment to the safety and wellbeing of all participants, all coaches, volunteers and adult athletes (age 18 and older) are required to complete Athlete Protection Training annually.

Coaches are also required to clear a background check every two years issued by their YMCA. The YMCA’s CEO or Executive Director will sign and attest to this on the CEO Attestation Form.
If you are a current USA Gymnastics member, your USA Gymnastics Safe Sport Training satisfies the requirement. You will upload a copy of your USA Gymnastics card to your registration in Cvent.
If you are not a current USA Gymnastics member, you may satisfy the Athlete Protection Training requirement by one of two options:
  • The U.S. Center for Safe Sport Safe Sport Trained. This is one course that satisfies the requirement. There is a small fee to complete but it is one single course.
  • Praesidium - This option is free if you use the code below. HOWEVER, please note that there are 3 short courses that you need to complete if using Praesidium: Mandated ReporterAthlete Protection-Part 1 and Athlete Protection-Part 2. Use this link to complete the Praesidium Athlete Protection Training. Use registration code: reg-yusa-698-gymnastics.
When completed, you may either print or save your certificate(s) or transcript to upload with your Nationals registration in Cvent.
Note: If you take the Praesidium trainings, you must upload all three course certificates (scanned into one pdf) or your Praesidium transcript showing completion of all three.
Concussion training is available through the CDC -  https://headsup.cdc.gov/