Here are some Frequently Asked Questions that we have received that may be of a help to everyone in the state.  Hopefully this "living resource" will help all of you.  If you still have other questions, please email regional representative Michael Gobrecht (

Here is the list of registered teams in each District

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(9/1/16) - What is the proper CPR that we need?

CPR for the Professional Rescuer, also known in ASHI as CPR Pro for the Professional Rescuer

(1/26/16) - Can times from high school meets be used as qualifying times for entry into YMCA Sanctioned and National Championship meets?

High school swim meets are swum under NFHS rules, which differ from the USA-S technical rules in a number of areas.  For a time from a high school meet to be accepted, that meet must have been observed by USA-S or YMCA officials in accordance with USA-S Rule 202.5.  The printed results of the event must show the USA-S Observed Meet number issued by the LSC and must be signed by one of the USA-S or YMCA observers.  As a note of caution here, most high school meets are not observed meets, and arrangements for such a meet to be observed must be made before the meet.  Coaches hoping to use a time from such a meet should contact the meet director in advance to determine that the meet is being observed.

(10/30/15) When swimmers transfer from one y to another they get the YMCA transfer form filled out by executive director, where does that form go?  

This form is retained by the local YMCA for a period of one year


(10/1/15) - What is a "Closed YMCA Meet".  I know my team needs to attend three (3) of these meets prior to participating in the Y District meet and/or the YMCA National Meet.

More information can be found in this document

(9/21) - I am told there is a coach’s test and workbook that I need to complete as a new head coach for a Y team.  I can’t find it  anywhere

The Principles of YMCA Swimming and Diving is an e-learning course through the YMCA of the USA. It is for all YMCA swim coaches, not just head coaches.

The Y Exchange address is It is a website for all YMCA staff nationwide. It has a section called the LCDC (Learning and Career Development Center) where you can find and register for YMCA trainings. This is how you would access the Principles e-learning course.


(9/17) - What is the max age to swim in our league meets?  Can a swimmers that is not swimming with his college team attend Y Nationals?

National rules are that the swimmer cannot have represented any post high school team in competition.  After that……… 21 is the upper age limit to swim at Y Nationals.  However state/district/league rules can be stricter.  To get your “3 closed Y Meets”, ask your league if the swimmer can swim “non scoring” in one event so that he/she meets the requirement of 3 meets.  He/She could then swim at Y Districts to get his/her “Sanctioned meet”.  Then if he/she has qualifying times he/she could swim at Y Nationals

The swimmer could also register with USA swimming and swim in any of those meets.