There are many ways that YMCA swim coaches can learn and develop in their roles. A large number are free or at a nominal cost. Below is a list of resources, opportunities and partner organizations that can stimulate coach development.

YMCA's Learning and Career Development Center (LCDC) - offers 176 online e-learning courses across all program areas, personal and leadership development and competencies. Examples - Principles of Youth Development, Advancing Equity, Training Young Athletes, Basics of Program Management, Introduction to Character Development, Foundations of Listen First...
SPECIAL NOTE: Y-USA has waived the fees for most of its staff trainings between July 1, 2020 and September 30, 2020 (not including 3rd party courses). See post on Link -
Aquatics on Link
Technique Series with USA Swimming High Performance Manager Russell Mark:
For recordings of all previous clinics:
Coaches page - includes online coaches clinics
Community Quarantine Resources for coaches and swimmers


Coronavirus Resources for coaches
GoSwim - Through a partnership with ASCA, is currently free and anyone may access videos and lessons

Fitter and Faster - Through a partnership with ASCA, Fitter and Faster is offering webinars through its site for coaches, swimmers and parents