The YMCA Swimming Emerging Leader Academy (formerly "Leadership Development Camp") is a season-long program in which 22 YMCA National level swimmers further develop their leadership capacity through online learning, on-site workshops, interviews, assignments, conference calls, group work and community service. The ELA begins in August, continues through Short Course YMCA Nationals and includes a 3 1/2 day intensive camp in Orlando, FL in October. 
Participants are high school juniors (class of 2021) who are selected through an application process that includes a leadership essay, letters of recommendation, school transcript and community service experience. 
The 2019-20 ELA class includes:
Abbey Malmstrom - Upper Main Line YMCA
Alan Xia - Fanwood Scotch Plains YMCA
Alexa Petrie - Randolph YMCA
Amelia Buyers - Boise YMCA
Carstyn Klosterman - YMCA of Northwest North Carolina
CJ Bernauer - Lakeland Hills YMCA
Colleen Adams - State College YMCA
Elizabeth McDevitt - Alamance County YMCA
Emma Shaughnessy - YMCA of Greater Monmouth
Jack Wisniewski - Goldsboro Family YMCA
Jenna Maloy - YMCA of the Triangle Area
John McGowan - Lakeland Hills YMCA
Julie Wang - Joliet YMCA
Kate Augustyn - Eau Claire YMCA
Kathryn Pressly - Frederick County YMCA
Maddie Haley - New Canaan YMCA
Madeline Blakely - Fort Meigs YMCA
Owen Wright - Upper Main Line YMCA
Reese Turner - Springfield YMCA
Sydney McCracken - Kennett Area YMCA
Thomas Pennimpede - Somerset Valley YMCA
Tim Wong - Boise YMCA
Jamie Bloom - YMCA of the Triangle Area
Jack Caucino - YMCA of Greater Monmouth
Keira Cruz - Lakeland Hills YMCA
Meredith Griffin - YMCA of the USA
Mike McHuch - Door County YMCA