Thank you for your interest in becoming a Swim Official Trainer. This is a significant step forward on your part. In order to become a Swim Official Trainer, you will have to attend a Swim Official Trainer course, either at an RTE or at one of the YMCA National Championship meets. At this course, all trainer candidates will be introduced to the Training Materials and will actually teach some sections of the materials to a class of Level I or II new and/or experienced officials under the close supervision of the Faculty members teaching the Trainer course.

To take part in the program, all trainer candidates have to fulfill all of the following criteria. These criteria can also be found under the Swim Official Trainer course listed in the YMCA Learning and Career Development Center (LCDC).

  1. All trainer candidates must complete the National Trainer Application, which can be found in the LCDC, and submit it to Y-USA Events Registration at least 30 days prior to the Trainer course, along with a summary of their recent swim officiating experience in response to Points 5 and 6 below.
  2. All trainer candidates must complete the prerequisite YMCA on-line courses (Introduction to the YMCA Training Systems and Adult Learning Concepts), which can be found in the LCDC.
  3. All trainer candidates must also complete the one-day Facilitation Skills Training course locally or at an RTE, in conjunction with the Swim Official Trainer Course. Local FST course offerings can be found in the LCDC
  4. All trainer candidates must have worked as a YMCA Level II Official for at least five years (i.e., attended at least one Level II re-certification clinic), and attach a copy of their Y-USA transcript of classes taken to the application.
  5. All trainer candidates must have worked as a YMCA Certified deck official at a minimum of fifteen meet sessions over the past three years, with at least eight of those sessions being as a Referee or Starter.
  6. All trainer candidates must have worked as a YMCA Certified deck official at their local YMCA State/District/Zone/Regional Championship Meet as a deck official for at least two years and encompassing at least six meet sessions.
  7. All trainer candidates must attach a brief biographical outline of their swimming experiences, as they relate to Criteria 5 and 6 above, to their application. (Also see Point 8 below.)
  8. All trainer candidates must bring a copy of their completed Record of Meet Experience Sheet or Card, substantiating their officiating experience, to the Course to submit to the Faculty trainer.
  9. All trainer candidates must be recommended by their local YMCA CEO, Aquatic Director or Full-time YMCA Employee Coach and a National Officials’ Committee Member or Group Officials’ Coordinator.
  10. All trainer candidates must have two letters of recommendation, one preferably from a swim coach.
  11. All trainer candidates have to take part in a brief telephone interview with a member of the Officials Committee so that they can get to know the candidate a little better and give candidate some idea of what is expected of them during the program.
  12. All trainer candidates must be approved by the YMCA of the USA National Director of Field Training and the National Officials’ Committee Chair, or his/her designee. (Events Registration will forward the Applications for these approvals.)

Appropriate accommodations will be made for experienced USA-S officials seeking to become YMCA Swim Officials Trainers. Such candidates must follow the steps outlined above. They should contact the Faculty member teaching a Swim Official Trainer course or their local YMCA Swim Official trainer for guidance in applying.

Ed Miller
September 29, 2017