The Gamble Nippert YMCA synchronized swimming team was organized by Ginny Jasontek in September, 1969. The aquatic swim team began with 14 young swimmers and now has a roster of approximately 50.   The team competed in the first Ohio meet in 1970.

The first Synchronized Swimming Show for the Synchrogators was held in 1970.  This show has grown to become an annual event.

Until 1993, there were actually two synchronized swimming programs in Cincinnati; one at M.E. Lyons YMCA and one at Gamble Nipper YMCA.  The M.E. Lyons YMCA team was called the Sea Lyons.   The Synchrogators swam at Gamble Nippert YMCA.   In 1993, at the request of the YMCA, the two teams merged to become the YMCA synchronized swim team for the Greater Cincinnati metro area.  The ME Lyons Sea Lyons and Gamble Nippert Synchrogators merged to become the Cincinnati YMCA Synchrogators.

The original goals of the program are still relevant today:

1) Build a strong, competitive team whose staff provides quality instruction to aspiring young athletes.

2) Create an environment in which sport is a positive and challenging avenue, where respect and dignity are practiced, and young people develop the character and values to achieve greatness in both sport and in life.

These goals could not have been achieved without the support and passion of all the coaches who contributed to the program through the years.  Ginny’s daughter, Julie, continues this tradition and has been coaching since 1996.

Throughout the years, our numbers have remained constant – serving around 50 aquatic athletes per year with ages of 6 years old to 19 years old. We are proud of a long history of excellence and of the athletes we have nurtured who continue to serve the sport of Synchronized Swimming as judges and coaches.  We have over 60 aquatic athletes who have gone on to become National Collegiate athletes and All Americans and many who have made the USA National Team.