Coaches and Directors

Coaching Staff
Ginny Jasontek Head coach

Ginny Jasontek  founded the Cincinnati YMCA Synchrogators in 1970 and serves as Head Coach of the team.  In those 50 years, CSG has proudly won many state, zone and national titles, including the Senior National Championships in 2019. A former synchronized swimmer, Ginny has served USA Artistic Swimming as President and Vice-President Olympic International. Ginny is a national judge and maintains a Coaching Certification Level 4.  She is the Vice-Chairman of the FINA International Technical Committee, representing the USA for 24 years at Olympic Games and World Championships, along with being an instructor for judges worldwide.

Ginny's greatest passion is coaching her Synchrogators, instilling in them the qualities of hard work, good sportsmanship and commitment. Together with her athletes, coaches, and families, she strives to maintain the strong and excellent traditions built here in the Cincinnati YMCA Synchrogator community. 

Julie Jasontek 16-19 Team Coach

Julie Jasontek is currently the 16-19 age group and Junior team coach.  Julie swam for the Cincinnati Synchrogators and The Ohio State University Synchronized Swimming Team before returning to Cincinnati to coach. At Ohio State, Julie and her teammates earned the National Collegiate Championship title and she was named an All-American.  Julie is an outstanding choreographer and a key player in the success of the Synchrogators, whom she has coached for the past 25 seasons. She is the coach of the A-team, winning 8 National Age Group Championships. Julie was named the Senior National Coach of the Year in 2019.

Julie currently serves on the USA Artistic Swimming National Team Program Committee, and she is the North Zone Chair.  She is a Level 3 judge and she holds a coaching certification Level 3.  Julie is a licensed physical therapist and clinic supervisor at Mercy Health Orthopedics and Sports Rehabilitation in Montgomery.  She is a member of the American Society of Shoulder and Elbow Therapists.

“I have a passion for synchronized swimming, and I love to see the athletes progress and achieve their goals. The Cincinnati Synchrogators provide synchro swimmers the opportunity to work hard and build skills that will take them into their adulthood. At the same time, we have fun and develop friendships that last a lifetime. I am so happy to share my passion with the athletes.”

Bethany Galla 13-15 Team Coach

Bethany Galla Young works with athletes in the 13-15 age group.  Bethany swam for the Synchrogators for 8 years before attending The Ohio State University where she was an All-American synchronized swimmer for 3 years.  While earning a degree in fashion design, Bethany was also a volunteer Team Manager.  While with the Synchrogators, she was a National Age Group Champion in team and trio.

Becca Schall 13-15 Team Coach

Becca Schall is a casting director with D Lynn Meyers Casting and does freelance videography and editing in the Cincinnati area, including the videos for Ensemble Theatre Cincinnati.  Some of her favorite film credits include Dark WatersThe Old Man & the Gun, and The Public.  She is a native Cincinnatian, but graduated with a B.A. from the College of William and Mary in Virginia and then bounced back up north afterward where she now coaches with the Cincinnati YMCA Synchrogators.  She swam with the team from 2000 - 2009 culminating in two national team titles and then competed with William and Mary Tribe Synchro during her college years. 

Kira Rucker 12 & U Team Coach

Kira Schall Rucker graduated from the College of William Mary with a degree in Biology and Environmental Science and is currently completing a masters in secondary science education at the University of Cincinnati.  After swimming for 9 years with the Synchrogators, she continued to swim throughout her 4 years in college and also coached the novice collegiate team while at William and Mary. Kira is currently student teaching and will coach the 11-12 age group.

Margaret Handleton 12 & U Team Coach

Margaret Handleton is an early childhood educator with a BS degree in Allied Health from The Ohio State University. She swam for the Cincinnati Sea Lyons for nine years. Margaret holds a Level 2 Coach’s Certification, and has taken courses in “First Aid for Coaches” and “CPR”. Margaret has been working with our 12 and Under athletes successfully for ten years.

Pam McGuire Technical Coach

Pam McGuire was former Sea Lyons (ME Lyons YMCA team) swimmer, before they merged with the Synchrogators. Pam has been an age group coach and a technical coach working with all age groups during her time with the team.

Chris Leahy Technical Coach

Chris started swimming in Alaska for the Valdez Synchro Seals. After earning a degree in Computer Science from the Rose-Hulman Institude of Technology he moved to Cincinnati and started coaching with the Synchrogators. Chris generally works with the 11-12 and 13-15 age groups. He works as a software engineer and is the Vice President of Competitive Operations for USA Artistic Swimming.

Beth Daniel Technical Coach

Beth (Kreimer) Daniel  earned her mechanical engineering degree from The Ohio State University. She is a gifted choreographer. After swimming with the Cincinnati Synchrogators, Beth went on to Ohio State where she was an All-American Athlete for 4 years and Collegiate National Champion for 3 years. Beth was on the 2nd National Team and won a bronze medal in the team event and a gold medal in the combo event in the 2002 Swiss Open. She began coaching as a student with the Ohio State Synchronized Swimming Team that went on to be a National Collegiate Champion Team. Beth works in the field of engineering and is currently at Procter & Gamble as a contractor.

Board of Directors
Greg DeKors Vice-President