Indiana Swimming
Level 2


Head Age Group Coach



Since 2007, all coaches are required to successfully complete a Background Check through the USA Swimming background check provider. It is the coach's responsibility to renew the background check every two years.


Prior to registering for the first year of coaching, a coach must present evidence of having completed and passed the following courses: CPR and Safety Training for Swim Coaches.

Safety Training for Swim Coaches:  Check List for In-Water Skills

This skills sheet can be used to replace the STSC in-water skills session done with a Red Cross instructor and fulfills the USA Swimming requirement for Safety Training when submitted in conjunction with the certificate generated after successful completion of the Red Cross Safety Training for Swim Coaches online course. If a coach cannot find an ARC instructor to provide the full STSC course, an instructor from one of the agencies listed on the Skills Sheet can work with the coach and sign the form.  The coach must complete the online STSC course through the Red Cross website, print the certificate and present it at the time of the skills demonstration.  The coach and the instructor verifying the in-water skills must sign the form. Falsification of the document may constitute a Code of Conduct violation and result in a Board of Review complaint.


Athlete Protection Education USA Swimming is committed to raising awareness about athlete protection and prevention of abuse in sport. We are proud to partner with Praesidium, an industry expert in abuse prevention, to bring the swimming community customized and comprehensive training tools for coaches, and volunteers. Athlete Protection Training Renewals are now required annually by Virginia Swimming.


Foundations 101 must be completed prior to registering for the first time as a coach member.  The course and test take approximately 90 minutes (Cost: $15). All material is contained within the online course.

Foundations 201 is a more comprehensive course of approximately 4 hours and must be successfully completed prior to registration for the 2nd year of coach membership (Cost $25/available). All material is contained within the online course.

Rules and Regulations is a separate 30 question test completed on the USA Swimming website. Completing this test is the 2nd required component to fulfill the Foundations 201 requirement (No cost). The Rules and Regulations test is based on the current USA Swimming Rulebook.






ASCA Certification


  • Swimming encourages coaches to attain the highest level of ASCA Certification for which they are qualified. Information about ASCA Certification may be found here.