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Flashes Programs


Developmental: This program is designed to introduce young swimmers into the sport of competitive swimming while allowing maximum opportunity to participate in other activities. Emphasis is placed on teaching fundamentals of the four competitive strokes by means of drills and games that make swimming fun. Participation in meets is appropriate, but not required. Practice is offered three times per week for 45 minutes. Swimmers should attend practice 2-3 times per week. A swimmer must be able to swim the length of the pool rhythmic breathing freestyle or backstroke to enter into this group.  (Ages 12 & Under depending on competitive experience)


Bronze:  This program is designed for young swimmers who can legally perform all competitive strokes (sometimes breast and fly can slide) and are ready for more advanced stroke technique. Increased emphasis is placed on teaching competitive starts and turns, and introducing the basics of training competitively. Swimmers will be taught pace clock management and how to understand and execute swimming sets. Participation in all meet types is encouraged. Participation in other activities is still encouraged. It is recommended that swimmers attend a minimum of 3 of the 4 offered practices a week. (Ages 8-12 depending on competitive experience)


Silver:  Swimmers begin to build a work ethic with continued development of strokes and water skills. This is the first step toward the realization of what year-round swimming is all about which includes: a higher level of commitment, goal setting, the beginnings of mental training, as well as the introduction of more advanced skills. Participation in all meet types is encouraged. If you play other sports, you should still include swimming during this time. It is recommended that swimmers attend a minimum of 3-4 practices a week. Practices are offered Monday - Friday, for one hour and thirty. (9-14 year olds


Gold:  For swimmers in this program, emphasis will be on the competitive nature of the sport. Athletes will be preparing for the highest levels of age group swimming and beyond. Skill training is still important and will be incorporated into the different training sets. Dry-land is a very important part of training at this level. Commitment and self-motivation are very important. Practice is offered six days a week with one-and-three quarter hours of swimming and thirty minutes of dry-land. Swimmers are expected to attend 4-5 days a week. (11–15 year olds)


Flashes: This level is for the swimmer with the necessary ability and desire to train and compete on a regional and national level. They will try to do whatever it takes to become the best they can be. Practice is offered and recommended that they attend all six days a week. Seniors spend two hours in the pool with at least thirty minutes of dry-lands. (13 & Older)


All swimmer placements are at the discretion of the Coaching staff.  Commitment to the Team, work ethic, sportsmanship, age, maturity, and swimming ability are all considered by the Coaching staff.