Pacific Swimming
Excellence 300

Mission Statement
At Palo Alto Stanford Aquatics (PASA) our mission is to develop strong, dynamic and successful individuals in a safe sport environment who positively affect their community both in and out of the water

Our Vision
To provide a positive, yet competitive environment structured by professional, highly-trained coaches guided by the long-term growth of the individual and the team, where each member of our organization is provided with the opportunity to excel and succeed to their highest potential through proper technique, confidence, and a love for the sport of swimming.

PASA Team Overview
Palo Alto Stanford Aquatics is a member team of USA Swimming and Pacific Swimming.
There are 6 different PASA sites:
Rinconada - Palo Alto
Alpine Hills - Portola Valley
DKS - Los Altos Hills
LAGCC - Los Altos
DZS -South Palo Alto
Menlo Park

These sites operate independently (financially & operationally), but work together to give young people the opportunity to grow as swimmers and people to achieve success in life and in the pool.

We are the PASA–Menlo Park site that practices out of Burgess Pool and Menlo-Atherton High School. Our team is comprised of ~130 swimmers of all abilities and skill levels.

Menlo Park Site’s Goals and Objectives
The Menlo Park site of PASA promotes the sport of swimming by adhering to the following philosophical goals & objectives:
  1. Provide swimmers with an excellent, experienced and dedicated coaching staff.
  2. The coaches’ objective is to not just teach and train the swimmers to be great swimmers, but to use the sport of swimming to help create great people.
  3. The program is aimed at long-term success with the objective of producing versatile and well-rounded swimmers at all ability levels. This is achieved with the driving principle of the development of Foundational Skills – both swimming skills and life skills.  A strong foundation is needed to build success and to become the best one can be.
  4. The program will strive to bring out the highest potential in each swimmer.  This will be achieved through providing:
    1. A supportive environment that encourages the individual to do the utmost to become the best he/she is capable of becoming.
    2. An environment that teaches our swimmers to strive for and to hold themselves to the highest standards both in and out of the pool, a skill they can use to achieve their highest potential in any aspect of life – school, work, relationships.
  5. Menlo Park will provide a multi-level program, geared to the needs of our swimmers.  We will emphasize fundamental skills, physical conditioning, strong work ethic, character growth, healthy competition, team building and most of all enjoyment.
  6. Construct a fun and positive environment for our swimmers to be part of and feel safe in by emphasizing the team culture in all aspects of the program – practices, social events, swim meets, etc.  It is relationships that are created within this program that will be their lifelong memories.