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PASA - MP: 3rd annual Fundraiser & End of the Year Celebration - Friday, December 16th

Bruce Smith
PASA - Menlo Park: 3rd annual Fundraiser & End of the Year Celebration -  Friday, December 16th
Arrive  @ 5:!5pm
Kick-A-Thon @ 5:30 - 6:30pm
Holiday Crafts, Potluck Dinner & Raffle @ 6:30 - 7:30pm

Our 2022 Super Kick-A-Thon Fundraiser is quickly approaching and we are looking forward to seeing all our swimmers jump in the pool and kicking their laps for PASA! The Super Kick-A-Thon is an important fundraiser for our team as it accounts for 50% of our annual fundraising dollars (the swim meets we host throughout the year account for the other 50%). 

Fundraising plays an important role in helping us maintain and grow our team so it can continue to provide for our swimmers.  This year's Super Kick-A-Thon, in addition to helping us cover our general operational needs, will focus on a few specific needs for this coming year:

  • Two New Additional PASA-Menlo Park pop-up tents                               ($2500)
  • Additional Dryland Equipment & Dryland Coaching                                 ($2500)
  • Storage Shed for Burgess Pool Deck                                                       ($2000)
  • Coach Continued Education & Clinics                                                     ($2000)

Super Kick-A-thon is a great event for the whole family to kick laps, to fundraise together, and to come and cheer on the swimmers. Come one, come all and make it a day of friend-raising and fun-raising in addition to fund-raising!

How you can help us fundraise for the team:  
1)  Begin to talk to family, friends and neighbors about pledging to donate for your participation in the Super Kick-A-Thon .  Donations can be collected as flat donations, or as a donation per lap. 
a) There will be prizes and rewards associated with participation (all donations given between December 1 - January 8, will be credited toward fundraising prizes)
b) As a non-profit, any contributions to PASA are tax-deductible. 
c) Take advantage of any matching gift programs offered by your companies. Please ask your HR for more information. 
d) Pledge Form (and receipt for donors) link is here, so you can start tracking your pledges.
2)  Donate towards the creation of Raffle Prizes - We will be offering some great prizes for the raffle, including some activities with the coaches themselves.  Do you have something your family could donate to the raffle?  Or would you like to help fund some of the raffle prizes that we will be providing?  Please let Coach Rachel, Coach Jacob or Bruce know.
3)  Purchase a Holiday Gift for your swimmer through our swimstore on our website.  Our site gets 10% of everything sold through our link.  

4)  Participate in our Potluck Dinner at the Fundraiser by bringing a dish to the event, or by helping fund the purchase of food - We will have a food sign up sheet coming soon.  

5)  Donate your time and participate in our creation of this fundraising event - help us ask for donations for the raffle from local businesses, help with the event set up, etc.  

6)  Volunteer your time at one of the 5 swim meets we host throughout the year - We host meets in September, November, December, February, May, July.  Your time and help in running these meets help us put on profitable meets that help account for 50% of our annual fundraising efforts.