Pacific Swimming

Parent Volunteer Job Descriptions





  • On a microphone, announce swim events, heats, and swimmer names at home swim meets.  Also, make general announcements and calls for swimmers to report to ready bench. Must stay in place during the shift.
  • Who it’s for:  Someone with a clear, projecting voice; good with pronunciation; an enthusiastic person who enjoys being on a microphone.
  • Benefits:  Great seat to see all the events!




  • Colorado Operator works with the timing system during home meets, working closely with the starter and the computer operators to ensure a smooth and efficient meet.  Computer Operator assists the Computer Coordinator in setting up computer operations equipment at home meets and runs the meet manager software during the meet.  The Computer Operator verifies times, processes DQ slips, prints meet results and ribbon labels.
  • These jobs work together as a team and require some training and a certain comfort level working with computers.
  • Who they are for:  People that LOVE working with computer systems.  We know you’re out there! Also, people that want to learn!
  • Benefits:  Seat in the shade for the entire meet.  Great view of all the events!



SET-UP/TAKE DOWN (Home Meets Only):

  • Set-up/Take Down volunteers arrive early before each home meet to set up tents, tables, chairs, equipment, etc. and stay after each home meet to take down tents, tables, equipment and restore pool deck back to its original layout.
  • Who it’s for:  Someone who may not be able to volunteer during the meet.  Also great for someone who likes physical work! Set-up is for EARLY RISERS who are reliable and hands-on.
  • Benefits:  You always get a great parking spot and tent space!  Set-up/Take Down is great for parents that just want to relax and watch the meet, or for solo parents who need to attend to kids and want to volunteer before/after the actual meet.  



  • Stands poolside during the meet and observes swimmer’s starts, turns, stroke technique, and finishes to ensure proper, legal technique.  Writes disqualification slips for swimmers who do not have legal techniques. Swimming experience is helpful but not necessary. Training will be provided prior to Time Trials and you must be able to attend Time Trials to sign up as a new trainee.
  • Stroke and Turn Judges are only required to sign-up for 5 shifts during the season, not including Champs.  They must be able to volunteer as a Stroke and Turn at Champs.
  • Who it’s for:  Anyone who wants to learn more about swimming and wants to be involved on the pool deck during meets.
  • Benefits:  Advance sign-up for these jobs if you commit to attend training.  Lots of on-the-job training, too!



  • Each lane at a swim meet requires 3 timers.  Timers sit at one end of each lane and operate a timing plunger and/or stopwatch.  They watch for the light on the starter and then watch for the swimmer to touch the wall at the finish.  The timer then records each swimmer’s time on a sheet that is collected by the runner. No experience needed AT ALL.  Seriously, it’s pushing a button!
  • Who it’s for:  Almost everyone!  
  • Benefits:  It’s a great seat in the shade with a view of all the races and the hospitality crew brings you snacks!  How great is that? Plus, you get to meet other parents who are timing with you!