Pacific Swimming

8/ Under Trainers- Coach Leah                                                                            Lesson Pool

Our beginning competitive 8 and under group (Grades 3-5). This group will stress all four competitive strokes and will train and condition swimmers for competition, and develop pace and breathing patterns for various events. USA Swimming meets are offered and encouraged throughout the Fall/Winter/Spring season. Athletes are encouraged to participate in team events as much as possible. Minimum suggested practice 2x/week


10/ Under Trainers II- Coach Leah                                                                                 Lesson Pool

Our more experienced 8 year olds and our 1st level junior group for 10 years old and under (up to 5th grade).  Our emphasis will be to master all 4 strokes, turns, starts and conditioning.  USA Swimming meets are offered and highly recommended throughout the Fall/Winter/Spring season. Swimmers should compete once a quarter minimum in both team events and USA sponsored events. Minimum suggested practice 3x/week


Trainers III- Coach Leah                                                                                            Lesson Pool

Our highest 10/under group for competitive swimmers emphasizing all strokes, turns, and conditioning, Swimmers will swim in USA Swimming meets throughout the season.  For athletes at most 10 years of age (up to 5th grade). Minimum expected practice 3x/week



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