Pacific Swimming

Membership Fees:

1. An Annual Registration fee of $185 will be collected for each swimmer at the start of each season (for this year, it will be Aug 1, for future years, it will be Sept 1).  This will cover 2021 USS membership fees, two team t-shirts, a team cap and any relay expenses your child may incur in the course of the season.  We collect these fees at this time to assist in the overall registration process of PASA that occurs toward the end of the calendar year.  You will be provided a link to register on-line via Team Unify beginning August 1st.


2. Monthly fees during the pandemic will be divided into three billing groups.  Prior to shelter in place, there were multiple training group breakdowns based both on age and ability.  Due to the current circumstances of limitations in numbers per lane and overall available time, we will only be distinguishing by age.  The three billing groups will be ages 10 and under, ages 11-14 and ages 15 and up.

The monthly fees associated with these groups will be (this includes monthly credit card surcharges):

10-under- $124 per month (if paid by ACH the amount is $120)

11-14- $176 per month (if paid by ACH the amount is $170)

15-up- $227 per month (if paid by ACH the amount is $220)

Once we emerge from the pandemic and can return to a more normalized schedule, a specific fee structure will be set up taking into consideration both age and ability.

3. We also offer an Associate Member status for families.  This is a place holder request for a member if they have activities during the course of the year that prevents them from swimming in a given month (i.e. other sports, a school play, a longer family vacation, etc…).  The cost for this is $30 per month.  Once the member is ready to rejoin, no additional paperwork is necessary, they just activate their account and start back up.