“Wisdom is always an overmatch for strength.” Phil Jackson

         In order to perform well athletically, swimmers must develop physical and psychological skills. From concentration and visualization to motivation and stress management. It is important that each athlete is aware of their mental game to ensure optimal performance as well as mental well-being. Many of these skills are naturally developed through the practice of the sport. However, here you will find helpful links to articles and videos. 

Develop your mental game:

COVID-19 is here and all pools closed. There Has Never Been a Better Time to Work on Your Mindset. Here.

2019-2020 season is over, now what? Mental skills and strategies to cope with uncertainty and distraction. Here.

Resources to Help Athletes Cope with Limitations on Training During Coronavirus. Here.

Athletes soul non-profit organizaiton resources. Here.

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Article: PSYCHOLOGICAL FEATURES OF YOUNG GIRLS PRACTISING WATER SPORTS: "...there are positive relationships between athletes, also aimed at achieving the common goal, confirming the educational role of team sports, especially in this development stage(2-3, 8, 25)."