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Seattle Synchro 2023-2024 Scholarship Guidelines

Seattle Synchro Booster Club will be awarding Athlete Scholarships in the amount of $500. The recipients will be the athletes who train with Seattle Synchro and show dedication to this sport while maintaining good grades in school. Scholarships are awarded based on both financial need and merit. Application forms are available online.


  1. The applicant MUST have attended Seattle Synchro for at least two years.
  2. The applicant MUST have at least a 3.0 grade point average (cumulative).
  3. All application submission requirements and any attachments, including the required signatures, must be submitted as one package. Incomplete applications will be disqualified. Applicants are encouraged to use the specified format.
  4. Scholarship money must be applied to training tuition or travel meet cost during the same year of training.
  5. Taxes, if any, are the sole responsibility of the recipient.
  6. If the scholarship recipient does not accept their scholarship or does not continue to train at Seattle Synchro, the scholarship will be awarded to another applicant chosen by the scholarship committee.


Applications must be returned to the Seattle Synchro Booster Club by June 10, 2023.


The scholarship recipient will be selected based on their statement of development as an athlete and a student, participation in school, club, and community activities, academic record, potential to succeed, and on outside appraisal.

Recipient Notification:

Recipient and all other applicants will be notified by June 17, 2023. An award certificate will be presented at the following general meeting. The Booster Club will mail the actual check of $500 to Seattle Synchro for the tuition deduction. In the case of a travel cost award, the check will be mailed to the recipient’s family.


Funds are raised annually, by the Booster Club, for this scholarship to be awarded.

Application Submission Requirements and Checklist:

  • Student Application form signed by applicant and parent or guardian if applicant is under age 18.
  • List of synchro achievements and related activities or community service. Include such things as honors, achievements, recognition, and time committed to these activities.
  • Statement regarding the reasons for financial need (on the application form).
  • Recommendation letter from coaches.
  • Current transcripts (may be unofficial) through the first semester of applying year.