The Northwest's Premier Artistic Swimming Team

Meet Volunteer Job Description:

  • Figure set up -- Setting up tables and chairs, distribute judges score panel, scorer’s scoring sheet, pencils etc.
  • Reader -- Read out the figures scores given by the judges during figures’ competition.
  • Scorer -- Record scores read out by a reader for data entry to the computer system.
  • Figure Clerk of Course -- help ensure the swimmers are in the right place at each figure panel.
  • Figure runners -- collect score slips from each scorer during figure competition and return to the scoring team in operation room, for data entry and score calculation.
  • Routine set up – Rearrange tables and chairs, distribute judge’s clipboards, timer’s recording paper, pencils, and timers.
  • Timers -- time the routine to ensure it meets predetermined time limits.
  • Routine Clerk of Course -- help ensure the swimmers are in the right order for routine.
  • Runners -- collect score slips from each judge during routine competition and return to the scoring team at announcer’s table, for data entry and score calculation.
  • Clean up -- breaking down tables and chairs, and collect stationeries back to the operation room.
  • Judges -- Go through training and become judges.
  • Music -- collect digital music files before the competition and organize them, set up the PNA sound system, play music during competition.
  • Announcers -- Announce routines, warm-ups, start times etc.
  • Awards -- maintain award inventory, prepare awards to be given out at each competition.
  • Scoring team – Enter data from runners, run software for competition result, and print out the results.

Club Volunteer Job Description:

  • Concessions -- When SSST hosts a meet we provide the concession. We need volunteers to purchase food, collect donation from parents, set up concession stand / knoxing station, and sell food.
  • Team Mom -- each SSST team coach chooses a team mom for the season to help the coach during competition with hair and food etc.  The team mom (or chaperone if they are traveling) also maintains the team routine suits and team backpack which holds emergency supplies and medical info. Team moms are also responsible for organizing fundraising, team bonding, and other events. Novice team mom will also help to schedule a knoxing learning session for the parents to the proper technique. Chaperone needs to complete  Safe Sport Training to qualify the job.
  • Party preparation -- Helps to purchase and set up the parties.
  • Chaperone -- Travel with the team for competition, handles team suits, makes logistic planning with team coach and provides meal/snack, and medicine if needed. Chaperone needs to complete  Safe Sport Training and pass the background check to qualify the job.