Bartell Drugs eScript CardBy using a 'B' Caring Card at any Bartell Drugs store up to 4% of your purchase amount will be contributed to Seattle Synchro Booster Club. This is not a gift card, just show it to the cashier when shopping at any Bartell store.

  1. Pick up a card at any Bartell Drugs location (it's free).
  2. Register by filling out in-store registration form, calling 800-931-6258 or registering online.
  3. Present the registered card to the cashier when making a purchase at Bartell Drugs to earn for Seattle Synchro Booster Club.

For more information about how to sign up to participate, see the "B" Caring Card page at

Group ID at eScrip



Remember, you can easily obtain and register with Seattle Synchro this card for free at any Bartell Drugs store. Simply talk to an associate and fill out the form.