Recreational Programs


Age 5 to 10


Dolphins is our swimming class for swimmers who still need to work on the basic strokes.  Participants will also learn basic sculling and work on flexibility.  Classes are Monday evenings 7:30 to 8:30 and Sunday afternoons from 4-5 PM.

The Dolphin program is a non-competitive program where swimmers learn basic swimming and synchro skills. Lessons run in 8 week sessions. 

Ages: 5-10
Coach: Juni Wu

Workout Days/Times: Sundays 4- 5 PM @ Juanita pool

Cost: $150 + $15 registration fee for each 8 week session 

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Sea Stars 

Age 5 to 10

Sea Star is our recreational program. These are classes for kids who have mastered the basic strokes and have no experience in Artistic swimming. An athlete should be able to swim two laps of crawl stroke and breaststroke as well as feel comfortable floating on his/her back.  Class if from 3-4 PM on Sundays.

The Sea Star program is a non-competitive program where swimmers learn basic synchro skills. Lessons run in 6 week sessions. Click here to see the schedule.

Ages: 5-10
Sea Star Coach: Katleen Snedecker 

Workout Days/Times: Sundays 3- 5 PM ( Times may vary please see full schedule on our calendars page)

Cost: $100 for each 6 week session + $15 registration fee


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Little Mermaids

Age 5 to 12


The Little Mermaids is another recreational program and the continuation of Sea Star. The classes are specially designed for our young athletes age 4 to 12. They work on strengthening their swimming skills while learning synchro basics and a short routine to music. This is a non competitive program that runs from January to June. Swimmers should have general knowledge of freestyle, backstroke and breastroke. Each swimmer should be able to swim two laps of each stroke and feel comfortable in the water without an adult. Members of this team will have the opportunity to perform the routine they learn throughout the season.

Ages: 4-12

Novice Group Coaches: Katleen Snedecker, Olivia Bistrow, and Lyla Madeiros

Workout Days/Times: Land practice is on Mondays 7:30 to 8:30 at the Mercer Island Community Center, water practice is on Sunday afternoon 3-4 PM at Juanita pool. (Please see our calendars page)

Cost: There is an annual registration fee of $100 and monthly dues are $70 from January to June.​


Registration open in December!

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